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Friday, 9 January 2015

Imperium Dekadenz release live video

German black metallers IMPERIUM DEKADENZ have released a pro-shot video of their performance of the song "Striga" taken from the band's latest album 'Meadows of Nostalgia', which was recorded live at Germany’s Summer Breeze Open Air 2014.

On further news, IMPERIUM DEKADENZ have already announced their first shows in France and a festival appearance in 2015. The details for these shows are as follows:

27 Feb 15 Nantes (FR) La Scène Michelet
28 Feb 15 Macon (FR) Le Souvengard
15 May 15 Bornstedt (DE) Burgruine Schweinsburg, Dark Troll Festival

IMPERIUM DEKADENZ will be touring in support of their latest full-length 'Meadows of Nostalgia'.

The dark chasms and steep rises of the Black Forest mountains have witnessed the rise and fall of empires in bloody battles and glorious history. Celts, Romans and Germanic tribes have lived and perished in these fog ridden, harsh and yet exquisite landscapes. The ancient past and lost peoples left lingering feelings of longing and a deep melancholy, which none have ever captured more intensively than native IMPERIUM DEKADENZ on their fourth full-length "Meadows of Nostalgia". The German duo manages to enhance and deepen its intricate atmospheric style, which already received high praise for their previous album "Procella Vadens" (2010). Although this music evolved out of Norwegian Black Metal, IMPERIUM DEKADENZ soon built their own sonic realm on majestic structures imbued with fierce darkness, which are contrasted by melodic interludes and fragile acoustic parts. Founded in the year 2004, the band quickly gained a dedicated following with debut album "…und die Welt ward kalt und leer" (2006) as well as the follow-up "Dämmerung der Szenarien" (2007). Lyrically IMPERIUM DEKADENZ still clad metaphors of human transience, ashes, dust and shadows into an antique attire with a penchant for the Roman Empire, while declining to deal with stereotypical political, religious or misanthropic genre themes. The obvious intelligence behind their complex and multi-layered compositions and lyrics combined with emotional passion and intuitive skill turns "Meadows of Nostalgia" into a dark masterpiece. Delve deep into the secrets and detailed riches of IMPERIUM DEKADENZ. Glory to the new German emperors!

COLD SNAP - 3rd studio album out January 13th

COLD SNAP have partnered with to release their new music video for the song ‘Silent Killer’. The song comes off their third studio album ‘World War 3’, slated for release on January 13. In this video, the members of Cold Snap are held captive like rats by a mad scientist in his laboratory. He tries to poison them, however… the band fight back with their music!

“From my point of view, a silent killer lives inside every one of us as our conscience. With most people, whenever they do something bad their conscience will haunt them until they manage to straighten things up” says bass guitarist Zoran ‘Zoki’ Ernoic. “Some people however, simply do not have a conscience, and therefore karma always must step in and get them in the end.” The video was directed by Tin Majnaric of MMstudio23, and filmed in the band’s hometown of Varazdin, Croatia. Vocalist Jan Kerekes continues, “We also had a small problem with the cockroaches, they are fast little critters and they don`t give a hoot about being on camera. They kept escaping and hiding from us!”

The song is the second single from the band’s third studio album, ‘World War 3’ which is being released on January 13 by Eclipse Records (Mushroomhead, Bobaflex, A Breach of Silence). It contains 12 intense tracks which were produced by the iconic Danish metal producer, Tue Madsen (Suicide Silence, Sick of it All, Mnemic, Dir En Grey), and is currently available for pre-order from iTunes.

SYLOSIS Stream 'Dormant Heart' in full online

Despite the name, SYLOSIS' forthcoming release Dormant Heart is not a peaceful album: It’s about a powerful force unleashing anger against everyday injustice and a sleeping society that lets these things wash over them. The album is due to be released next week January the 12th but fans don't have to wait until then to hear the band's new offering as the guys are hosting an exclusive pre-release stream, which can be found at this location:

SYLOSIS began tracking the new album back in March 2014, working away secretly alongside touring commitments. Drum tracks were recorded in May at Monkey Puzzle House by original drummer Rob Callard, who parted ways with the band last month due to time restraints. After filling in for some live shows during SYLOSIS’ Spring 2014 tour, BLEED FROM WITHIN’s drummer Ali Richardson is now a permanent member of the band. The album was produced by Middleton with the help of engineer Scott Atkins and was mastered by TesseracT guitarist Acle Kahney.

Dormant Heart tracklist:

1. Where The Wolves Come To Die 2. Victims And Pawns 3. Dormant Heart 4. To Build A Tomb 5. Overthrown 6. Leech 7. Servitude 8. Indoctrinated 9. Harm 10. Mercy 11. Callous Souls 12. Quiescent

Bonus tracks: 12. Pillars Erode 13. Zero (Smashin’ Pumpkins cover)

Bonus DVD The Dormant Heart Sessions - Live in the studio