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Friday, 15 May 2015

MILEY CYRUS Performs with Woodstock Legend MELANIE

MILEY CYRUS Performs with Woodstock Legend MELANIE – Watch Them Perform Hits “Look What They've Done To My Song Ma” & “Peace Will Come (According To Plan)”

Melanie Safka, the legendary folk rock singer more commonly known as MELANIE, is recognized internationally for her hit tracks “Brand New Key”, “Look What They've Done To My Song Ma”, “Peace Will Come (According To Plan)”, and more. Singer songwriter MELANIE recently joined pop music star Miley Cyrus to perform and record a number of tracks for Cyrus’ “Backyard Sessions” series, presented by the Happy Hippie Foundation. The videos are part of a major social media initiative between Cyrus and Facebook where charitable donations can be made through the site.

The Happy Hippie Foundation is designed to fund programs and help provide homeless youth, LGBT youth and other vulnerable youth populations with consistent support services, education and employment opportunities.

You can watch the unique, eclectic collaboration videos now via Miley Cyrus’ official Facebook page Every future Happy Hippie Backyard Session will be available for viewing via this page. Other videos in the series include musicians such as Joan Jett, Ariana Grande and Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace.

You can also watch each video in a comprehensive news piece via FUSE TV:

The FUSE article states, “Safka, who performs simply as MELANIE, has been strumming and singing for four decades. Her rugged, soaring voice is a perfect match for Miley’s; it’s hard to believe these two are just singing in a back yard, rather than onstage at the Grand Ole Opry or Woodstock ’69. (Which, incidentally, featured MELANIE on the bill.)”

Miley Cyrus is a self-proclaimed fan of MELANIE, having previously recorded “Look What They've Done To My Song Ma” to widespread acclaim and having used the song for the Free the Nipple campaign. Cyrus calls MELANIE, “a hippie hero and always a prophet of a peace,” on her Facebook page. Following the Session, Miley Cyrus added, “it was such a magical day... It was a dream to sing beside her.”

MELANIE shares, "Here's our Miley, taking action to have an impact on the world, in the tradition, not only of the Woodstock generation, but artists who are determined to make a difference.” She adds, “Miley is the voice of unity in a divisive world.”


Since 1967, MELANIE has sold over 120 million copies of her 40+ albums, and her songs have been covered by a variety of artists such as Cher, Dolly Parton, Barbara Streisand, Nana Mouskouri, Dion, Ray Charles, Dollyrots, Hilltop Hoods, and of course, Miley Cyrus. She was one of only three female solo artists to be featured at the legendary Woodstock in 1969, amongst Janis Joplin and Joan Baez. In 1979, MELANIE won an Emmy for her lyrics to Beauty and the Beast. She has written three plays – her most recent one, Melanie and the Record Man, as a tribute to her late husband. The show sold out 15 nights in a row during its launch run in Rochester, NY and is currently being negotiated for off-Broadway showings. Of late, MELANIE has performed sold out tours in Australia and the Netherlands, and recently released her ‘1984’ album featuring newly uncovered live performances. She will release a Live in Australia album this year, in addition to four more albums in the UK this summer. 2016 will mark MELANIE’s 50th year in music. She is set to release commemorative ‘Legacy’ sets in celebration, is currently recording an upcoming album of newly written songs, and is in the midst of publishing her autobiography.


Brazilian metal icons Sepultura are very pleased to announce two shows this August in the UK and Ireland.

Sepultura’s UK and Ireland dates will be following a Main Stage performance at legendary Derbyshire metal festival Bloodstock where they will be playing alongside Rob Zombie, Black Label Society and Cannibal Corpse at the renowned Catton Park ground.

It was the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil that launched the ascent of their native sons Sepultura (Portuguese for “grave”) in 1983 with a trajectory unsuspectingly aimed at the worldwide metal music scene. They were a band with humble beginnings, whose musical identity was forged in the context of living through Brazil’s authoritarian military dictatorship. Sepultura would go on to become Brazilian ambassadors to the metal world, revered master architects of the death/thrash genre, and the most successful heavy metal band from the Federal Republic of Brazil.

Sepultura are celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year, and they’re unstoppable!

They have released thirteen studio albums to date, the latest being ‘The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart’ in 2013. The album was inspired by Austrian filmmaker Fritz Lang’s classic 1927 movie ‘Metropolis.’ Sepultura leaned heavily on the strength of their thrash metal influences to make a statement against the dehumanizing effects of technology. The album was an angry dystopian documentary in sonic form – which also addressed the chaotic aftermath of natural disasters, the unfulfilled promises of religion, and the still-widening divide & unbridgeable gap between pampered citizens who live in decadent luxury and the working poor who withstand unbearable living & working conditions to simply survive.

You can see Sepultura at the following shows:

Aug 9th – Bloodstock Festival, Derbyshire
Aug 10th - Dublin, Academy
Aug 11th – Chester, Live Rooms