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Thursday, 19 March 2015


Photo by Jaakko Manninen Photography

What became a genuine international phenomenon actually started out on a farm in central Finland; in a barn, to be precise…

There, in said barn, a bunch of like-minded countrymen—with the emphasis on "country"—played a customized version of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck," wearing the daftest outfits they could find. They filmed the event, posted the results on YouTube, and within a couple of weeks, the clip had accumulated over five million views. It's now topped out at 10 million. Pretty impressive, right?

For Steve 'N' Seagulls, this was a bolt from the blue, but then, as history shows us, the greatest stories ever told tend to start in a stable… Yes, a stable.

Now, the band is gearing up to release Farm Machine on Spinefarm on May 12. "Finally it's complete!" exclaim the band. "And the fruits of our labour please us. We are now preparing to take on the world!"

The band has just revealed the video for its take on another AC/DC classic—"You Shook Me All Night Long."

Video features hilarious moments in the barn - as well as awkward moments at the ice hockey rink. Shakin’ Steves all night long!

If you need a refresher on who, exactly, Steven'N'Seagulls are, then settle in and get schooled.

Sporting possibly the greatest band name in history, S'N'S, comprised of an acoustic guitarist/vocalist; a banjo player; a double-bassist; a big dude wearing overalls a beaver hat playing mandolin/keyboards/accordion/whatever-he-gets-his-hands-on; and a cajon-straddlin' percussionist, have delivered a 13-track album featuring rural riffs and villager vocals, filled to the brim with "hillbillified" versions of immortal heavy metal standards—the track listing is below.

It's a body of work best enjoyed with a bathtub of moonshine close at hand, but really, as foot-stompingly enjoyable as S'N'S are on record, you ain't seen nothin' 'til you've experienced The 'Gulls live.

The redneck show tours nonstop, rocking the honky-tonks overseas… for now.

Steve'N'Seagulls will skedaddle off to Swedish and Norwegian soil, before raisin' hell at European festivals. In September, they are planning to head over to the U.S. and Canada before returning to Europe for further merriment and mayhem.

Let the hillbillification commence.

Track Listing:

"Grand Opening" "Black Dog" "Thunderstruck" "The Trooper" "Ich Will" "Paradise City" "Nothing Else Matters" "Over the Hills and Far Away" "Seek and Destroy" "Holy Diver" "Run to The Hills" "You Shook Me All Night Long" "Cemetery Gates"

UK tour dates

Steve’N’Seagulls UK tour May 2015

16 – Brighton, The Great Escape 17 – Rushden, Athletic Club 18 – London, Borderline 19 – Southampton, Talking Heads 20 – Nuneaton, Queens Hall 21 – Harwich, The Red Lion Manningtree

Miles Away Releasing 4th Studio LP "Tide" on May 5th on Six Feet Under Records

Long-running Perth, Australia hardcore punk outfit Miles Awayhave announced details for their fourth full length album “TIDE”. Featuring eleven songs that were recorded and mixed with Jay Maas (of Defeater) at The Getaway Recording in Haverhill, MA, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, the LP will be released on May 5th in the U.S. and Europe (digital/vinyl/CD/cassette) by Six Feet Under Records. Resist Records will handle digital and physical distribution in Australia.

"TIDE" features guest appearances by Zach Jordan from Bane, Jake Woodruff from Dreamtigers, Dahei Yamanaka from Japan's Cleave and renowned Aussie crooner Jamie Hay who put in time with A Death In The Family, Pitfall and Conation.

Information regarding pre-orders will be announced soon.


Track listing

1 Floodgates 2 Terra Incognita 3 Grateful 4 Let The Words Roll By 5 Ex Voto 6 Entitlement 7 Mousetraps 8 Whitewash 9 Balance 10 Port Of Call 11 Under Tow

About Miles Away:

A lot can happen in five years. For Miles Away the last five years have been spent growing, learning, touring, loving, celebrating and living. Five years ago, Miles Away released their last full-length album, "Endless Roads" and now they return with a new follow up LP titled, “Tide”.

Proving distance is no divide when it comes to songwriting, now Berlin based guitarist Adam Crowe collaborated electronically with Cam Jose on the song writing and structure for the new album, trading riffs and ideas via email. The process was slow going, not because of their residential locations, but due to a desire to fine tune the song writing process and produce a record they all can be proud of for years to come. _

When it came to enlisting help to record, Miles Away, have a myriad of friends from all corners of the globe to call upon with former Defeater drummer Andy Reitz agreeing to lay down drum tracks on the album, while joining the band on bass is Adam's younger brother Jared Crowe of Perth outfit, The Others.

Together they entered Getaway Studios in Boston with producer Jay Maas during July/August 2014, with the end result then mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

Pitching in on backing vocals are Zach from Bane, Jake from Dreamtigers, Dahei from Japanese band Cleave and renowned Aussie crooner Jamie Hay who put in time with A Death In The Family, Pitfall and Conation. _

In the years since their last full length album Miles Away have managed to refine their sound adding subtle new elements that build on the foundations found throughout their extensive back catalogue. _ Tracks like “Entitlement” and Port of Call” bring back memories of the bands very first release, the “Make It Count” EP, whilst the song “Grateful” has a real “Rewind, Repeat…” vibe. Other tracks from “Tide” such as “Terra Incognita” and “Mousetraps” would feel right at home upon the bands last full length “Endless Roads”.

Entering their thirteenth year as a band, Miles Away have produced an album that touches on themes such as gratitude and positive growth but also dismay at what they see in the world around today, all with a distinct Australian feel. Vocalist Nick Horsnell’s raw and isolated vocal delivery is once again present, with the band adding more vocal melody into the mix than ever before.

The artwork for “Tide” reflects the bands coastal West Australian roots with a sobering photo based insert brought to life by fellow sandgropers Mike Maxted & Adam Borello, with Tom Sweetman & Dick Smith handling layout duties.

Go Fight Releases New Album Napalm Baby

Chicago,IL-The self-proclaimed "Electrosuzz" artists Go Fight are back with their second studio album "Napalm Baby".

Picking up where their first full length album “Music for Military Torture” left off, “Napalm Baby” is a big and relentless commentary on modern cultural totems, set to a dance rhythm that melds EBM, EDM, Electrohouse, Industrial and funk into their own unique Electroscuzz sound.

It’s unforgiving and not safe for work attitude attacks mainstream issues involving gender, police brutality, gay rights, suicide, the terrors of unbridled capitalism, rape apologetics, classism, war and more, while anthemic choruses create opportunities for enjoyment on multiple levels.

Napalm Baby will be release April 10th on Go Fight's label Pulseback.

About Go Fight Built on the skeleton of Seminal Industrial band “Die Warzau, Go Fight may be the first or second best pro-sex, anti-war Chicago born Electroscuzz band in the world,specializing in big dancefloor beats,harsh and moving synthetic noises and vocals that sound like they might be pop music from a whole different dimension...