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Friday, 20 May 2016

geordie. Drops Official Music Video for “Tastes Like Chocolate”

LOS ANGELES, CA // May 20, 2016: The freshest new vibes coming from the streets of western LA are from rising singer-songwriter and producer, geordie. The “agro-pop” mastermind and postgraduate student at Georgetown University has been maniacally hacking away in his makeshift studio, cultivating a sexual (and sometimes comedic) sonic upheaval unlike any before it.

geordie.’s latest single, “Tastes Like Chocolate,” is about a Caucasian young man who has discovered his budding palate for “less vanilla” tastes. geordie. describes his music as largely autobiographical, and adds, “The song was written about a girl, as is so often the case; the kind of girl you want to celebrate like royalty. A white guy has a crush on this black chick, and he immediately gets this wonderful ego boost because of her mild validation. He thinks he’s the man and that she’s down with him, when in reality she just likes having him around fawning like a puppy.” The song and video clock in at just over four minutes, chock-full of exaggerated flattery and pandering to the new chocolate lady love of his life.

View the Official Music Video for geordie.’s “Tastes Like Chocolate” Below:

One might ask where a fun and sexy lyrical theme like this originates: “The song just appeared out of thin air,” geordie. explains. “I knew I was I was going to write something that was about her because I had no choice. I was thinking only of her. I just didn’t know what it was going to be about until I got to the chorus, and then I found it.” When asked how long it took to craft the words, he replied, “[It was] by far the fastest song I’ve ever completed. Took maybe two days, tops. You basically black out, and wake up and have a song.”

But as geordie. is known to do, there is an honest and forthright theme woven delicately throughout, and in his own words, “this song/video is about the celebration of being with someone you’re proud of. It’s self-deprecating and satirical at its core. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I honestly catch feelings for someone, it shows. There’s really nothing I can do to suppress that.”

The “Tastes Like Chocolate” music video was directed by John Connaboy, Danny Gilani and geordie.


Equipped with a free spirit and a mind of his own, geordie. is making moves. The LA-based musician is set on infusing the scene with his incomparable vibe complete with grit, groove, and sexual satire. The self-proclaimed “badass mother fucker poet” draws influence from anything and everything, making his sound something worth hearing. geordie. celebrates individualism through creating tunes with elements spanning from hip-hop to country to straight up sunshine. His breakthrough jam “Tastes Like Chocolate” is a comedic ear-worm bound to reel in new listeners as this artist crafts his next hit.

geordie.’s music is destined to inspire a good time. Listen, laugh, and party on.