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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Dependence Sign with InVogue Records; New LP "Holding On When Moving On" To Be Released in May

InVogue Records has announced the signing of California based DEPENDENCE. The band will be releasing a new full length album "Holding On When Moving On" in May of 2015 and you can stream the first single titled "Never In The Cards." over at the InVogue Records YouTube channel.

"Holding on When Moving On was the first collaborative effort of a brand new band. It was us getting our feet wet with writing together. We tried to write a very straight forward album that people could instantly sync with. I think that everyone has experienced a time in their life that was in line with the content of the album. The album was written during a period of my life where I was torn between two sides of the same coin, so to speak. I was experiencing polar sides of the same plan. I was being defined by being in love, and being defined by the absence of it. Think of it like a time-line and there are different points on it, and those are the songs on the album. The song Reaching to Both Ends is the last song and sort of us stepping off the line. Its about me looking at the two sides, and applying to all of life, and all of love, and even all of faith and belief. I find that even when people are different in what they believe that Love can reach to both polar ends, or rather all ends. I think that Love is universal and doesn't have a black and white definition. I just think the world is more complicated," says vocalist Tyler Isch.

Guitarist Jimmy McIntosh Releases New Album Featuring Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood

Las Vegas, NV - As a follow up to 2006's 'Orleans to London', guitarist Jimmy McIntosh once again finds himself in illustrious company on his new album 'Jimmy McIntosh and...' This collection of funk, rock, jazz and blues originals showcases McIntosh's considerable six-string prowess and features the Michigan native exchanging incendiary licks with his personal guitar heroes John Scofield , Mike Stern and the Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood. The solid backbeats are supported by Toss Panos (drummer of choice for guitarists Robben Ford and Mike Landau), bassists Dan Lutz, John Humphrey and Keith Hubacher and New Orleans keyboardist Ivan Neville (of The Neville Brothers, Keith Richards' X-Pensive Winos and Dumpstaphunk). This stellar outing was definitely a labor of love for McIntosh.

For 'Jimmy McIntosh and...', McIntosh recruited Scofield and Stern from his home base, Las Vegas. Says Jimmy, “I got to know John and Mike about 12 years ago when there was a Blue Note jazz club in Las Vegas and became good friends with both of them. The Vegas Blue Note was short-lived, but I was there almost every night for the duration of their gigs. I've jammed with Mike several times and asked him, 'If I make another record, will you play on it?' And Mike said 'sure'! Toss Panos, John Humphrey and I went into Toss's North Hollywood studio with Mike when he was in Los Angeles playing with his band at Catalina's. Mike's playing on this album is just brilliant. Then John happened to come through town with Phil Lesh & Friends just a few months ago. I had mentioned to him that I was doing this album and he said, 'Hey, if you still have room on your CD, I'd love to play on it.' So that came to fruition as well. It was a dream come true for me to create this CD with three major heroes of mine and who have also become very good friends over the years.”

McIntosh's friendship with Ronnie Wood goes back to his solo debut, 'Orleans to London'. Jimmy recalls, “I first met Ronnie backstage at a Stones show in Las Vegas. Ronnie and Keith Richards were hanging out with Bobby Womack in the 'Tuning Room' were they Jam to warm up before the show. Art Neville did me a huge favor and called Jane Rose for me to meet Keith and Ronnie. It was a wedding gift as I got married a week before (This was April 1999). Anyway a few years later I recorded my first CD 'Orleans To London' and Art Neville, Ivan Neville, Cyril Neville and Mean Willie Green (Neville Bros drummer) played on it. As I was near the end of the project in October 2004 I got in touch with Ronnie Wood through his stepson (Jamie Wood) who was his manager at the time and told him about my project. Three weeks later my wife and I flew to London and went to Ronnie's house in Richmond were he played on 5 tracks (first takes). Ronnie said, 'I told Jeff Beck about your project and he might come by to play' - I was in shock! About 2 hours later Jeff showed up and ended up playing on 3 tracks. Ronnie said as Jeff was recording, 'You can't believe how lucky you are, he won't play on anything!' I'm not sure what Ronnie told him about the Neville's being on the record but it was amazing having both those guys on the record. Jeff is credited as 'Hot Rod' on 'Orleans To London' because his manager wouldn't let me use his name.

“Ronnie and I hit it off fantastically and stayed in touch so when I started a second record I was hoping he would play on it. I covered a tune from Ronnie's latest album called 'I Gotta See'. Ronnie plays a great solo and outro slide solo on the song. Ronnie and I also played two improvised Jams that open and close the album like bookends. The Jams are just the two of us live in the studio without the band. The Rolling Stones have been my favorite band since I was a kid so getting to work and play with Ronnie is literally a dream come true. Ronnie is truly a great artist. It's amazing that all of the iconic records Ronnie has played on were mostly first takes on his part. He is really underrated as a musician. I wrote six originals for 'Jimmy McIntosh and...' Ronnie wrote one of the Jams 'Fast Blues' and we share credit on the opener 'Slow Blues'. I covered a few tunes... 'I Gotta See' by Ronnie Wood, 'Demon' by Keith Richards, '32 20 Blues' by Robert Johnson and 'Sophisticated Lady' by Duke Ellington. Duke Ellington was a friend of my family when I was a little kid and greatly encouraged my interest in music. When I played French Horn in the Junior High School band I told my mom I was going to change something in the music. She asked Mr Ellington if I should do that and he said, 'I think you have a musician there!'

“The record was recorded at Toss Panos studio in North Hollywood. Toss is a great drummer I first heard with Michael Landau. John Humphrey (Scott Henderson Trio) is on bass on most of the record. Keith Hubacher is on bass on two tracks and Ivan Neville plays organ and Piano. Albert Wing who played with Frank Zappa among others plays Tenor Sax on 'I Gotta See' and 'Demon', a Keith Richards cover. Ronnie and Ivan are on both of my records which I'm very proud of. It connects the two projects.”

Born on October 14, 1958 in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Jimmy McIntosh grew up in the small town of Temperance, Michigan. After graduating from high school in 1976, Jimmy attended the Berklee College of Music for two years. Over the years McIntosh has played with R&B singer Doris Troy, Billy Preston, Little Anthony & The Imperials, and backed up Buddy Hackett and Ben Vereen, Since 1990, McIntosh has played regularly in the popular Lon Bronson All-Stars Band, a powerhouse horn band. The Lon Bronson band had a longstanding weekly residency at the Riviera, where they entertained crowds 'til the wee hours and featured such special guests sitting in as former Doobie Brothers guitarist and producer Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, guitarist Joe Walsh, Members of TOP, comedian (and sometime trumpeter) Drew Carey, bassist-magician-comedian Penn Jillette and former “Tonight Show” guitarist, bandleader and Jay Leno sidekick Kevin Eubanks. In 1999, following his longstanding engagement with the “Legends” show, McIntosh moved to the Rio Hotel to perform in a show with pop stars Sheena Easton and David Cassidy, then worked for the following two years in Cassidy's touring band. He has subsequently played with pianist-composer David Foster, Donna Summer, Kenny Logins, Gloria Gaynor and played in musical theater productions of “Mamma Mia” and “Jersey Boys.”

And now, after several years, Jimmy's long awaited sophomore album is now available! In closing Jimmy has this to impart, “My new album 'Jimmy McIntosh and...' is a real labor of love and hope people enjoy it!”

Guitar Virtuoso and Supertramp Legend Carl Verheyen To Release Second Acoustic Solo Album 'Alone'

Los Angeles, CA - Guitar aficionados worldwide are eagerly awaiting the release of the new album by guitar virtusoso and Supertramp legend Carl Verheyen on February 14th. Titled 'Alone', this is Carl's second acoustic solo album. In his 40-plus years of playing the instrument, Carl Verheyen has created a wildly successful, multi-faceted career. He is a critically-acclaimed musician, vocalist, songwriter, arranger, producer and educator with 13 CDs and two live DVDs released worldwide. Carl is commonly regarded as a guitar virtuoso capable of playing any style of music with remarkable mastery and conviction. He has been one of LA’s elite “first call” session players for the past 25 years, playing on hundreds of records, movie soundtracks and television shows. Carl has graced the pages of countless industry publications and been the subject of numerous articles chronicling his rise to the forefront of the modern day guitar scene.

The idea for Carl's acoustic solo albums was established many years before he became a guitar hero. Carl relates, “When I was 11 years old and 3 months into guitar lessons, my Dad came into my room and said, 'Play me something, son.' So I played the riff to 'Satisfaction' by the Rolling Stones and he said, 'No, play me a song!' When I argued that this was a song he asked, 'Where's the melody?' I replied that the singer sings the melody and he's not here! But he wouldn't buy that answer and said, 'You should be able to play an entire song.' From that day onward I've endeavored to arrange and play solo guitar and compose original music for it. Since this instrument is one of the few that can accompany itself, I believe every serious guitarist should have music they can play alone. I count my father as a major influence in my development as a musician.”

The music on 'Alone' comes from a variety of sources. Says Carl, “Most of the material on this album is covers of songs I like. Three John Lennon tunes form a little suite in the middle of the set. I recorded some jazz standards, a Peter Gabriel song, a few originals, a movie theme and a Pat Metheny tune. My goal is simple: I only cover a song by another composer if I feel I have something new to say about it. A good musician makes music sound different and the object is to make the standards your own. The recording process was easy! As a few songs come together I'd book some studio time and knock out three or four at one sitting. One phone call, zero cartage trucks full of my amps, just a single guitar case!”

Carl Verheyen has won numerous polls and musical honors in the US, Germany, France, Italy and the UK. A member of the smash hit British rock group Supertramp since 1985, Carl has played to millions of enthusiastic fans in sold out arenas worldwide. As the creative force behind The Carl Verheyen Band, he has released an impressive and eclectic discography that showcases his endless talents across a wide array of musical genres. His musical influences are just as diverse and range from George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Mike Bloomfield, Alvin Lee, Leslie West to Miles Davis, John Mclaughlin, Steve Morse, Chet Atkins and Andy Summers, among others.

“*Carl is a true pro and a great player/musician. He can do anything, and as one who is supposed to do this, me (ha-ha), Carl comes through with heart and soul and is really not only an awesome musician but a really good guy. That counts ALOT in this biz, especially these days.” - Steve Lukather*

A much sought after studio musician, Carl plays on other artists’ CDs whenever his busy schedule permits. He has recorded and played with a virtual who’s who of the music industry. His vast collection of movie soundtrack and television credits are enviable. Carl was heard by 67, 000,000 people as a featured soloist at the 2009 Academy Awards. He will also be heavily featured in the forthcoming film documentary about the electric guitar, 'Turn It UP!'

On the educational front, Carl has produced two instructional videos called 'Intervallic Rock Guitar' and 'Forward Motion' as well as three master classes for Truefire. He also has a book/CD detailing his unique “intervallic” style called 'Improvising Without Scales'. Another book entitled 'Studio City' is a compilation of all the columns Carl wrote for Guitar Magazine between 1996 and 1999. He has written a monthly column for Chitarre, Italy’s #1 guitar publication as well as Guitar and Bass in both Germany and France and Guitar Techniques in the UK. He currently writes a monthly column for Guitar Player, contributes to other guitar publications, and blogs regularly for and his own site. Carl also lectures and teaches at clinics and master classes regularly when not on the road.

Carl recently co-designed a signature guitar with LsL Instruments, the “CV Special,” combining the best elements Carl seeks in his ideal guitar; they are now available for purchase worldwide. As if that weren’t enough, working closely with Dean Markley, Carl developed a line of signature strings for the electric guitar that perfectly balance the tremolo bridge of the Fender Stratocaster, the Carl Verheyen Balanced Bridge Helix HD string set.

“*Carl is one of those experienced, great players that you could put in any situation and get a wonderful guitar solo. I personally love the fact that he enjoys what he does and radiates positive energy whenever I have seen him.” - Steve Morse*

In support of his new CD release, Carl has several west coast shows scheduled for the spring. In closing Carl has this to impart about 'Alone', “Most of these arrangements came about while improvising on the songs during practice sessions. I like to state a melody and see where it takes me, which is the improvised part. The sheer joy of hearing the music in the air can take you to places you've never been as a musician, and I live for that!”

Eva Universe Performing on Nick Cannon's Celebrity High Magazine Tour

Los Angeles, CA - Billboard Dance Chart topping artist, Eva Universe, has already made quite a name for herself in the world of Dance and Pop music, grabbing the attention of heavy-hitters Snoop Dogg, Lupe Fiasco and producer J.R. Rotem (Rhianna, Nicki Minaj, Meghan Trainor). Eva saw great success collaborating with Gucci Mane, New Boyz and Tyga on her early singles, performing alongside the likes of Nas, Alicia Keys, and even opened for The Wanted at the 2012 Official American Music Awards After Party. Her latest single, "Trapped," focuses on self-awareness and the ability to navigate your way out of harmful relationships and situations. The song was released in December 2014 and will be followed up with an official music video releasing in early March.

Eva was also tapped to join Nick Cannon's 2015 Celebrity High Magazine Tour, where she performs 5 shows a month at select California high schools. This Friday, February 27th, Eva will be offering a special mixtape curated by her official DJ, Power 106's DJ Inferno, to the teens at Hollywood High School. The mixtape will feature a handful of Eva's singles alongside hit songs from Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, Rhianna, and more. Fans across the globe can stream Inferno Presents: Eva Universe Mixtape on SoundCloud HERE

"It's been such an amazing opportunity to come into world of EVA UNIVERSE, it has been nothing but fun & creative vibes working in the studio with her." - INFERNO


Power106 Mixer | Los Angeles | Friday Nights 12am-2am

Keeping listeners captivated and entertained, Inferno delivers a truly electrifying experience when behind the decks. From Hip Hop to Mainstream EDM, Inferno's greatest strength is his ability to draw from multiple genres of music to create a unique sound that is unmatched by anyone else in the game. As a DJ for LA's top Hip Hop radio station, Power 106 FM, Inferno also contributes to breaking some of LA's newest music artists and can be heard all across the airwaves.

About Eva Universe:

Out-of-this-world pop sensation, Eva Universe, was overcome with an unstoppable passion for dancing and performing from a very young age. Her love of entertaining kick-started her burgeoning career in music and prompted her to join the internationally recognized and largest touring event embracing urban dance and youth lifestyle, World of Dance. Over the past few years Eva has been cultivating her contemporary-pop sound that transcends musical genres, adding a little bit of hip-hop, R&B, funk and rock into the mix. Eva's signature sound became an instant hit and has already caught the ears of Snoop Dogg, Lupe Fiasco, Gucci Mane and legendary record producer, Scott Storch.

In February 2011 Eva released her debut single, "Not My Daddy," featuring Gucci Mane. The song caught immediate fire, landing her at #8 on the Billboard's Dance chart and was featured as Beatport's Top 5 downloads. Eva continued her musical, chart-topping success with singles "Ashes" [August 2011], "Body on Mine"ft. Tyga which reached #9 on the Billboard Dance chart [January 2012], and her remix of Berlin's famous 80's hit "Take My Breath Away" aptly entitled, "Breath Away" [July 2012].

Propelled by the success of her records, Eva and her official DJ, DJ Inferno from Power 106, were invited to open for Nas, Alicia Keys and Havana Brown, and for The Wanted at the 2012 Official American Music Awards After Party hosted by US Weekly and The Hollywood Agency. She has performed at KIIS FM's Wango Tango, KIIS FM's Jingle Ball, the Hollywood House of Blues, Universal City Walk, Club Splash and was the Headliner at OC 2013 Gay Pride. With anticipated performances on Nick Cannon's 2015 Celebrity High Tour, this all-American Nebraska native is humbled to be following in the footsteps of her idols, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga.

Eva's new single, "Trapped," was produced by J.R. Rotem and written by 4x Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Poo Bear. "Trapped" is about being trapped in your own personal struggle, whether it's a bad relationship, drug abuse, eating disorder, bullying issues, or physical/mental pains, and trying to find the strength to get out of the harmful situation and not be hindered any longer. The song, released in December 2014, sheds some light to the different types of abuse we secretly or publicly endure and is a reminding us that we should never feel trapped.

The official "Trapped" music video will be released for her fans very soon. Eva plans on heading back into the studio to record more chart-crushing dance-pop singles to share with the world later this year.