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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Local H Celebrating 20 Year Anniversary of 'As Good As Dead' LP with Vinyl Reissue, Out April 15

Local H will dig into their back catalog and release their breakthrough album 'As Good As Dead' on 180 gram vinyl on April 15th via srcvinyl, just in time for the album's 20 year anniversary. This re-issue marks the first time that the album will ever be available in this format. The high-quality, double LP will have a premium gatefold jacket and insert.

Pre-orders are now available here.

Limited edition 20th Anniversary vinyl reissue
Mastered for vinyl and lacquers created by Kevin Gray (Cohearent Audio)
Digital download featuring Demos and B-Sides
Full Color gatefold jacket with 11 x 22 Insert
Vinyl Color:

180 Gram Opaque Yellow (Limited to 500 Copies)
180 Gram Opaque Red/ White Swirly Haze (Limited to 500 Copies)

Local H will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their sophomore album by playing 'As Good As Dead' in its entirety during a weekend of hometown shows at Metro in Chicago on Friday, April 15th (18+ show) and Saturday, April 16th (all ages).

The two-man band will first play a short set of songs culled from last year’s widely praised album, 'Hey, Killer', along with music from their other six studio albums and EPs. After a brief intermission, they will return to the stage and play 'As Good As Dead' from start to finish. There will be no opening act. Individual show tickets and weekend packages, including entry to an intimate, acoustic set on Saturday afternoon, will be available.

'As Good As Dead', Local H’s second full-length album, was produced by Steven Haigler (Quicksand, Pixies) and was originally released on April, 16, 1996 on Island Records on CD and cassette. The record was the band’s first foray into making a concept album and is centered around life in a dead-end, small town. Venerable rock critic Robert Christgau gave the album a stellar A- review in the Village Voice, writing, at the time, “...I wish Pearl Jam, whose leader stars in the title song, packed such isometric power -- that sense of tremendous force bravely exerted against implacable reality -- and I say the exercise makes all of us stronger.”

“The question I get asked the absolute most is when are we gonna put the older records out on vinyl?” says Local H frontman, Scott Lucas. “Here's the answer -- in the best possible way. The package is looking pretty good and I'm ALMOST as excited as anybody to finally drop the needle on this album -- on double vinyl, at last.”

'As Good As Dead' spawned four modern rock radio hits including the above-referenced “Eddie Vedder,” “Fritz’s Corner,” “High-Fivin’ MF” and “that copacetic song” -- “Bound for the Floor,” a track that remains a staple on alternative radio station playlists around the the country two decades later. The band made videos for each of the singles.

Local H, whose members during this time period were Lucas and original drummer Joe Daniels, toured the U.S. non-stop for two years after As Good As Dead was released, headlining their own small and large club shows; opening for Silverchair in bigger venues and Stone Temple Pilots in even bigger arenas (including Madison Square Garden in New York and Rosemont Horizon in Chicago); and performing to audiences of thousands at radio station festivals across the the country, including 1997‘s HFStival at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC. They toured Australia and played some played some European shows on this album, as well.

Track Listing:

Side A

Manifest Density Pt. 1
High-Fiving MF
Bound For The Floor
Lovey Dovey

Side B

I Saw What You Did And I Know Who You Are
No Problem
Nothing Special

Side C

Eddie Vedder
Back In The Day
Freeze-Dried (F)lies
Fritz's Corner

Side D

O.K. Manifest Density Pt. 2

Demo's (Digital Download Only)

1. High Fiving Mother Fucker (Million Yen demo) 2. Bound For The Floor (Million Yen Demo) 3. Lovey Dovey (Million Yen Demo) 4. Freeze Dried (F)lies (Million Yen Demo) 5. Nothing Special (Million Yen Demo) 6. No Problem (Million Yen Demo) 7. Eddie Vedder (Karaoke Demo) 8. I Saw What You Did And I Know Who You Are (Karaoke Demo) 9. Back In The Day (Karaoke Demo) 10. Fritz’s Corner (Karaoke Demo)

The Midnight Club Debuts "Knock Back" Music Video

Denver, CO - Denver pop rock newcomers, The Midnight Club have released their debut music video titled, "Knock Back". Formed in late 2015, the 1920's themed band showcases their creative visual aesthetic while combining catchy choruses and empowering riffs.

Lead Guitarist, Harry Springer commented, "With this video we wanted to, not only introduce the venetian, Gatsby aesthetic of the band, but also choose a song that would best represent the sound of our upcoming full length record. Finding the right balance between being modern, while also maintaining relevance to the 1920's through video, sound and lyrical content wasn't easy but we believe that this debut video represents the core aspects of the band without spoiling all the surprises that we have in store, conceptually and musically. Welcome to the Jazz Age."

Check out The Midnight Club's "Knock Back" music video below.

About The Midnight Club:

"Founded in late 2015 by Harry Springer and Sean McCarthy, The Midnight Club seeks to combine catchy, dynamic music with an enthralling, interesting visual aesthetic. The theme of the band takes place in the 1920's while, lyrically, the band explores modern topics. Despite still being in high school, the band's creativity and mature music have proved them to be a promising act."

Guitar Virtuoso Rene Benton Releases Brand New Album

Fresh off the back of a stunning appearance at NAMM, American guitar wizard Rene Benton is set to release his latest album “Xpressions Too!!! (Short Storeez) on Feb 29th! Inspired by a number of personal tragedies and triumphs; US guitar virtuoso Rene' Benton put blood, sweat and fears into his latest work, the thrilling “Xpressions Too!!! – Short Storeez”, and it very much shows! Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Rene' decided to dedicate his energy towards music following a stint in the Marines. He quickly began touring extensively throughout the United States and across the globe, in the process producing an astounding resume. Scoring gigs alongside luminaries like Chubby Checker, Gigi Hamilton, Tuhran Terrell (Anita Baker), drummer Jerome “Stixx” Davis (Tony Rich), actor/ singer Hunter Gerard and chart topping star Louie Louie and many others. Rene' was also involved with the modern musical Dreamscape, created and performed by Steve Reed, percussionist for fusion jazz legends – The Rippingtons. He’s also recorded with Grammy award winning artist Sleepy Brown, who wrote Outkast’s hit “I Like The Way U Move” and has chalked up multiple performances alongside artists like Grammy award winning bassist Mel Brown (Mark Anthony and George Benson), Christian Rapcore/Metal band Junkyard Prophet and a faction of British 70’s outfit The Fortunes, known for their hit "Here Comes That Rainy Day Feelin' Again". Taking time to record his first full-length release, Rene' employed expertise from bassist Troy Johnson, the dynamic drumming of Todd Roberson; both known for their work with Michael Lee Firkins, former Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy and their own instrumental powerhouse JRZ System. The result was a full throttle carpet ride sounding like a cross between Stevie Wonder and Tony MacAlpine at times. For his current project Rene called on more musical friends, such as bassists Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai/Nuno Bettencourt/Mark Boals) and Kelly Conlon (Death/Monstrosity/Azure Emote), drummers Atma Anur (Greg Howe/Cacophony/Vinnie Moore/Jason Becker) & Paul Vowell (Radioactive Chickenheads/Green Jelly) and Funk guitar legend Charlie Singleton(Cameo) and a host of other incredible musicians. If Rene’s body of work says anything, it’s that “Xpressions Too!!!” is a vastly diverse offering that has to be heard to be believed. Bold, brilliant and full of energy; Rene Benton is a name fans of Progressive guitar work across the world need to get familiar with now! The track listing for Rene’s new album is: 1. Push/Pull 2. Eastmeetswest 3. Nation Of Struggle 4. Clone Theory 5. Part Of Me 6. This Is Life 7. Drone 3.3 8. Thingz Happen 9. Lyfe Support 10. Green Light Go!!!! 11. V.U.S (veryuncomfortableshooz) 12. Open Air


Desertfest Berlin, which takes place between April 28th - April 30th 2016, has announced a first running order of their almost complete and stunning line-up, there will be 3 more bands announced soon. The 3-day passes are sold out, but the limited day-tickets are now available on! If you haven't got a 3-day pass and to help you taking your decision, Desertfest Berlin has just announced a first running order and day-splits as follows:

Presented by Sound of Liberation, GreyZone Concerts & Promotion, Metal Hammer,,, Music Board Berlin and Woolheads, this year's Desertfest Berlin 2016 will be the 5th edition and offers THE ultimate heavyrock-psycho-doom festival! 3 days of rock mayhem with 30+ performing acts on two stages, visual arts and hippie market. The full package nested in the beating cultural heart of Berlin at the famous ASTRA KULTURHAUS.

Yorkshire electro-rockers, Officers return with 'Attack' single supporting the CALM charity (RIYL: Placebo, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails)

‘ATTACK’ is the first offering from a new phase of art and music by Leeds/York electro-rock act, Officers and renowned artist, Stuart Semple. Part of their work together aims to raise awareness of the charity CALM (The Campaign Against Living Miserably). CALM aims to prevent male suicide in the UK, and offers support to men who are living with depression or are in crisis. Suicide is the biggest killer of men aged 20-45 in the UK, and CALM aims to keep men alive by talking. A portion of the single's profits will be donated to CALM.

After falling into, and destroying the underground with their schizophrenic brand of acid tinged electro-rock via Alan Mcgee’s Death Disco in 2007; OFFICERS have continued to outgun and outrun their ‘Noughties’ contemporaries, scenesters and hipsters who fell by the wayside when trends changed, real life took over, and the realisation set in that the real rock n’ roll dream actually boils down to an attitude, ethic, and compulsion rather than mansions and gold-discs.

However, you’re still just as likely to find OFFICERS sound-tracking an episode of a hit US TV show like the Blacklist, as you are hearing them collaborate with electronic pioneers like Gary Numan, Jagz Kooner, remixing Linkin Park, creating exclusive soundtracks for LA art shows with Jim Jones, The Prodigy and Charlotte Church, or hosting high profile exhibitions and organising secret charity performances with renowned rock photographer Scarlet Page and international rock band Placebo.

2016 will see them return with their second album. After being requested to create songs (and then having had spurned) for what appeared to be plans for a credible return to music for Liam Gallagher (Oasis)– the duo finished these new tracks under the expert ears of uber-mixers Dave Bascombe (Depeche Mode, The Verve, Charlie XCX) and Ade Fenton (Gary Numan, Dave Clarke) – pulling together what's become tentatively known as the ‘Jackal’ for release later in the year.

‘Attack’ is out on Friday 19th February and available to pre-order now from

GINGER WILDHEART unveils short film

Ginger Wildheart and Director Mark Haldor unveil a powerful and thought provoking short film to accompany 'Don't Lose Your Tail, Girl’ from Ginger’s forthcoming new album Year Of The Fanclub released on February 12th through the Round Records Records label.

Ginger Wildheart explains- ‘Don't Lose Your Tail, Girl is a feminist song written by a man. I was brought up by strong women and had little positive male influence in my life in comparison. I think this gives me an unbiased view on the opposite sex, by which I mean it's unaffected by the stereotypes supported in magazines aimed at both men and women.

In the end it's a song about appreciating yourself, giving yourself a break, which seems harder for women in society.

I wanted Mark to film the movie as I know he has earned strong bonds with the actresses he works with. He also has an eye for beauty beyond heavy make up and posing, which is what a nine minute film really needs. Nine minutes of contorting females would be torturous to watch. He has captured personality and joy, as well as a darker side that is quite disturbing.

I think the film is a work of art, occasionally uncomfortable to watch, but with a lasting feeling of freedom. It's a song about not losing your identity, and the film captures that in the natural beauty of the performances.'

Witness now the unpredictable 9 minute journey that is the 'Don't Lose Your Tail, Girl’ film:

Director Mark Haldor wanted to “create a visual stimulus that would not only do the lyrics and eclectic sounds justice, but provoke a look at women, of all ages, races and backgrounds and what they go through in life, both positive and negative.

My intention was that everyone viewing should be able to resonate with at least one moment from it on a personal level. Whilst shot with many beautiful and talented actresses to tell several stories, the suggestion is that they could also be contrasting snapshots of just one character's life, had she made different life choices.

It was important to me that there was also no definitive ending to this film or any of the stories told as I wanted people to be left wondering what happens to these characters next? Just as we do with people we know and have known in real life. A reminder for all to embrace each day and who we are because that's all that truly matters.”

Ginger’s new album Year Of The Fanclub features 'Don't Lose Your Tail, Girl’ and 11 further songs taken from G*A*S*S (Ginger Associated Secret Society) sessions.

G*A*S*S (Ginger Associated Secret Society) is an immersive subscription, digitally based fanclub platform that saw Ginger delivering a new 3 track single every month for a year, along with demos and previously unreleased material direct from his personal vaults.

Tied in with this was an unparalleled (not to mention unfiltered) level of access to Ginger himself with each month giving fans podcasts, Q&A’s, personal diary entries, film reviews along with a slew of exclusive merchandise options and with the sites stunning array of artwork updated each month.

The Year Of The Fanclub track listing

01 Down The Dip. 02 Honour. featuring Courtney Love 03 El Mundo (Slow Fatigue) 04 The Last Day Of Summer. 05 Only Henry Rollins Can Save Us Now. 06 The Pendine Incident. 07 Do You? 08 If You Find Yourself In London Town. 09 Toxins & Tea. 10 No One Smiled At Me Today. 11 Ostracide. 12 Don’t Lose Your Tail, Girl.

CROWBAR announce European tour dates

New Orleans sludge metal masters, CROWBAR, who released their latest and highly praised album “Symmetry In Black” in 2014, will return to European for another run of tour dates starting at the end of April! This run also includes a performance at London's legendary Desertfest on 29th April.

At some of the shows CROWBAR will be accompanied by no other than doom legends, TROUBLE!

28.04.16 - Eindhoven – Dynamo, NL* 29.04.16 - London – Desert Festival, UK 30.04.16 - Berlin – Desert Festival, DE 01.05.16 - Rostock – Mau Club, DE 02.05.16 - Wiesbaden – Schlachthof, DE 03.05.16 - Bremen – Tivoli, DE* 04.05.16 - Essen – Turock, DE* 05.05.16 - Leipzig – Werk 2, DE* 06.05.16 - München – Backstage, DE* 08.05.16 - Hasselt – Muziekodroom, BE* 09.05.16 - Karlsruhe – Stadtmitte, DE* 12.05.16 - Montpellier – Secret Place, FR 13.05.16 - Bilbao – Kristonfest 2016, ES 15.05.16 - Paris – Le Glazart, FR* 16.05.16 - Hengelo – Metropool, NL 21.05.16 - Oslo – Bla, NO 16.05.16 - Hengelo – Metropole, NL 18.05.16 - Aarhus – Voxhall, DK 19.05.16 - Copenhagen – Vega, DK 20.05.16 - Gothenburg – Belsebup Metal Club, SE