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Friday, 15 January 2016

DESTRUCTION - recording new album “Under Attack”

Iconic thrash metal band DESTRUCTION are currently working on their new album entitled 'Under Attack'. The band started the recording sessions after the summer festivals last year and have been recording segments in various studios between September 2015 and January 2016. So far they have completed the drum recordings with Martin Buchwalter at Gernhart Studios in Germany, as well as completing some basic recordings, mixing and mastering with VO Pulver at Little Greek Studios in Switzerland.

“Under Attack” will be released on May 13 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Band leader Schmier states:

“We really took our time for this album. After the summer festivals we went into the studio every couple of weeks to record brand new songs and ideas in between all the touring activities. We took several studio sessions instead of one long one, to keep the ideas fresh and have time later before the mix to change bits and pieces that we did not like! Maybe this was the most effective writing we did in the last years!

Due the fact we had more time in between the albums there was a lot of musical output and creativity but also less pressure. From my point of view you can definitely hear the crispiness in the songwriting and the kick ass attitude we brought from the shows into the studio. The 'on tour into the studio on tour mode’ was so effective that I wanna keep this method for the future!

How does the new record sound? For sure not like a band that is in its 33 years of existence: Efficient aggression: FAST - CATCHY - ORIGINAL!"

Watch this space for further album updates!

THE 69 EYES - Official video for 'Jet Fighter Plane' released online

Founded in the Finnish capital 25 years ago, THE 69 EYES have spawned a total of ten full-length records and an additional selection of live, best-of and remastered albums. Throughout the band’s legacy THE 69 EYES have managed to thrive and reinvent their distinct blend of goth’n’roll - 2016 sees the band continue on with this legacy in the form of new album, 'Universal Monsters'. To whet the appetite of eager fans, the band have released the official video for the first single from their new offering. Watch 'Jet Fighter Plane' here:

"As I first heard the instrumental demo of the song, it immediately sounded for me like a song from the early 80’s new wave/post punk days. You know, like when the music was heavily inspired by David Bowie’s dark visions, the Cold War, the threat of nuclear war and 1984 - kind of the future. So I wrote such lyrics from the past - and all of a sudden, the history started to repeat itself and the Cold War winds started to blow again! It was very strange - all of a sudden THE 69 EYES have a song which is very 'today' and even political, longing back the days of peace", explains singer Jyrki 69. "We also wanted the video to be artistic and visually capturing the vibe and theme of the song. There is hope but also darkness, violence and innocence. And it’s only goth 'n' roll."

The new album’s cover artwork, as well as the above mentioned video, were created by Finnish photographer and director Ville Juurikkala - known for his work with NIGHTWISH, AMORPHIS, HIM, APOCALYPTICA and MICHAEL MONROE. As the album title Universal Monsters suggests, the band are portrayed in movie monster lightning, showing them as well classic and timeless creatures. “The covers are planned and designed as an old-school CD covers - remember when the booklets used to be as exciting as the album itself?! It will actually have five different covers being such a folder - each member of the band can be used as a cover creature of their own. Ville has really succeeded in capturing the classic movie vibe for the shots without any special make-up or photo shopping. THE 69 EYES are the universal rock ’n’ roll monsters - not so many of us left anymore”, comments Jyrki. “So from real fans I wish they would get the actual CD in their hands to get the full album treatment as we have planned it to be experienced!”

Universal Monsters is available for pre-order now.

The album track list racks up as follows:

01. Dolce Vita 02. Jet Fighter Plane 03. Blackbird Pie 04. Lady Darkness 05. Stiv & Johnny 06. Never 07. Miss Pastis 08. Jerusalem 09. Shallow Graves 10. Rock 'N' Roll Junkie 11. Blue

The first making of teaser trailer takes fans to the beginning of the album’s recording sessions with producer Johnny Lee Michaels and drummer Jussi 69 in the studio. Watch the trailer here:


Pop rock quartet Set It Off have premiered their latest music video for their recent album title track 'Duality'.

Check it out here:

'Duality' was released late 2014, the band are currently in the studio working towards the new album which is expected this year.

Singer Cody comments: "The music video for 'Duality' is more than just a music video to us. It's our artistic representation of discovering yourself and the changes that come along with that development in life. We had such a blast putting this piece of work together. I even had the opportunity to program our very own lights in the white backdrop scene, so we were very involved as usual. This music video signifies us coming to a close of the duality era and the opening of a door that peaks into what's to come this year with our new album. So watch the newest video for our brand-new single 'Duality' and show the world how human you really are."


Spinefarm Records continues to expand its presence and to grow its roster by adding a diverse array of bands. The label is proud to welcome Royal Thunder, The Browning, and Helhorse.

Royal Thunder’s unique, genre-bending sound has been turning heads since guitarist Josh Weaver founded the band in Atlanta, GA. His songwriting, plus bassist Mlny Parsonz’s soul-searing vocals have led to worldwide critical acclaim. Two full-length albums and a plethora of tours later, the quartet are set to begin their next chapter as part of the Spinefarm Records family.

The band says "We'd like to thank Relapse Records for all the years we had together. But now it’s time to move on. It takes a long time and a lot of hard work to obtain something good. And as a band, we have always worked hard, stayed true to ourselves and to one another. We are a family. We thank you Spinefarm for the opportunity to move on with you and be a part of your family! We look forward to many great years together! Bones!"

Their most recent release Crooked Doors landed on many of the world media "Best of 2015" lists from Rolling Stone to Paste and the band was nominated for Best New Band at the UK’s Classic Rock Awards in the same year. They continue to tour steadily in support of this critically adored album and will be hitting the road with Black Tusk in the US at the end of January. New songs are in the works, and the future is more promising than ever.

The Browning have steadily made their presence known in the international metal scene since their album debut in 2011. The Kansas City band, centered around mastermind Jonny McBee, released the crushing Hypernova in 2013 and promptly hit the road across the UK, Europe and North America. Blurring the lines between multiple styles of electronic music, metalcore and deathcore, McBee has firmly entrenched The Browning as musical innovators in an ever expanding cultural crossover scene. McBee says, "I am really proud of what The Browning has become. It's been a long, hard road. Signing with Spinefarm is a big step in the awesome direction this band is going and I cannot wait for the future. Excited for the world to hear this next album!” They are currently working on their Spinefarm debut which is planned for release this summer.

Five-man sludge merchants Helhorse hail from Denmark. With a raw, almost unholy, mixture of dirty metal, punk and classic rock, HELHORSE have positioned themselves on the Nordic rock/metal stage as a force to be reckoned with. Their third full-length offering will be released in 2016 via Spinefarm worldwide. Of the signing, the band said, "We are thrilled to announce that Spinefarm will be our new label family. We feel this label has the integrity, muscle and passion that Helhorse need. The future is looking really exciting for Helhorse and we can't wait to throw our new labor of love in your face, ears and hearts."

Spinefarm Records Worldwide GM Jonas Nachsin comments “We are excited to start the new year off with a bang by bringing on these 3 new exciting signings and continue to grow Spinefarm into a rising global force in rock and metal.”


BABYMETAL, the metal dance unit that had successfully performed a total of 25 shows across 10 countries on their World Tour last year, will be releasing a new album worldwide simultaneously and can today announce the title is ‘METAL RESISTANCE’. (More details to be disclosed on a later date.)

On April 2nd, BABYMETAL will start their world tour ‘BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2016’ with their headline show at Wembley Arena, UK. Also, April 1st, the day before the Wembley show, is announced to be “FOX DAY” and it is prophesied by the FOX GOD that along with the content of BABYMETAL’s new album, there will be further details announced about the TOKYO DOME show, the world tour finale, which we look fo

rward to hear. New Album ‘METAL RESISTANCE’ Worldwide release date: Friday, April 1st, 2016


・2016/4/2 (sat) United Kingdom / London・Wembley Arena ・2016/5/4 (wed) PLAYSTATION THEATER / NEW YORK, USA ・2016/5/7 (sat) ELECTRIC FACTORY / PENNSYLVANIA, USA ・2016/5/8 (sun) MONSTER ENERGY CAROLINA REBELLION / NORTH CAROLINA, USA ・2016/5/10 (tue) THE FILLMORE / MARYLAND, USA ・2016/5/11 (wed) THE FILLMORE / MICHIGAN, USA ・2016/5/13 (fri) HOUSE OF BLUES / ILLINOIS, USA ・2016/5/14 (sat) NORTHERN INVASION / WISCONSIN, USA

CATTLE DECAPITATION releases more dates for "The Tyrants Of Death" European tour with SUFFOCATION and ABIOTIC

Rome show moved to Luynes, France!

CATTLE DECAPITAITON will join SUFFOCATION on their European run in 2016. ABIOTIC completes the line-up that will destroy Europe under the banner of "The Tyrants Of Death".

This will be the first European tour of CATTLE DECAPITATION in support of their latest masterpiece "The Anthropocene Extinction"!

The show in Rome on the 9th has now been moved to Luynes in France. There's new dates been added in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Malmö (Sweden). New dates are being marked in bold letters.


02/03/16 PL - Warsaw - Progresja 03/03/16 CZ - Prague - Futurum 04/03/16 DE - Annaberg-Buchholz - Alte Brauerei 05/03/16 CZ - Ostrava - Barrack 06/03/16 AT - Wien - Viper Room 07/03/16 SI - Ljubljana - Gala Hala 08/03/16 IT - Brescia - Circolo Colony 09/03/16 FR - Luynes/Aix - Le Korigan (new) 10/03/16 IT - Bologna - Alchemica 11/03/16 IT - Erba (CO) - Centrale 12/03/16 DE - Heidelberg - Deathfest 13/03/16 NL - Utrecht - De Helling 14/03/16 DE - Kassel - K19 16/03/16 CH - Aarau - Kiff 17/03/16 CH - Sion - Le Port Franc 18/03/16 DE - Oberhausen - Helvete 19/03/16 DE - Rheine - Hypothalamus 20/03/16 NL - Nijmegen - Doornroosje 21/03/16 DK - Esbjerg - Tobakken 22/03/16 DK - Copenhagen - Pumpehuset (new) 23/03/16 SE - Malmö-Moriska - Paviljongen (new) 24/03/16 NO - Oslo - Inferno Festival (Cattle only) 25/03/16 NO - Oslo - Inferno Festival (Suffocation only)

Comments CATTLE DECAPITATION singer Travis Ryan: "We're happy to be doing another European tour with our good buddies SUFFOCATION and our new friends ABIOTIC! Its been a while since we've been to Europe and we have an arsenal of new songs ready to pummel you with! See you soon Europa!"

SUFFOCATION are just as excited! "Suffocation is gearing up to head to Europe in February 2016 and bring forth the devastation one more time and this time we're bringing the unstoppable wrecking ball, CATTLE DECAPITATION with us! This will be a MASSIVE tour of speed, heaviness and straight chaos combined with devastation of a NUCLEAR BLAST! This tour will be one for the die hard metal fanatics bar none. Hope to see you there and witness the pure carnage unfold!"

Comments ABIOTIC: "We are both honored and humbled to announce our first European tour in support of Cattle Decapitation and Suffocation. The excitement that we have to play in a part of the world that we've never been to is beyond words. We can't wait to finally meet all of our European fans and make some new ones!"

SABATON - Watch the official live video for 'Resist And Bite'

Swedish heavy metal heroes SABATON recently announced the release of their brand new live Blu-Ray / CD/DVD / CD package entitled Heroes On Tour, which contains two breathtaking shows - one filmed at Wacken 2015 and the other in their home town of Falun at Sabaton Open Air 2015. To give their loyal fans a taster of what to expect, the band have released the official live video for 'Resist And Bite' today, which can be seen here:

Bassist Pär Sundström commented on the release: "We have always aimed to be a band people love to see live, for the simple reason we love to play live. With this DVD / BluRay release we hope to share some of that feeling with you. We recorded two shows in case one is not enough for you!"

Heroes On Tour track list:

DVD/Blu-ray1 - Live @ Wacken Open Air 2015

01. Final Countdown 02. The March To War 03. Ghost Division 04. To Hell And Back 05. Carolus Rex 06. No Bullets Fly 07. Resist And Bite 08. Far From The Fame 09. Panzerkampf 10. Gott Mit Uns 11. The Art Of War 12. Soldier Of 3 Armies 13. Swedish Pagans 14. Screaming Eagles 15. Night Witches 16. Primo Victoria 17. Metal Crüe


- Noch ein Bier - SABATON With Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague 01. The Art Of War 02. The Final Solution

DVD/Blu-ray2 - Live @ Sabaton Open Air 2015

01. Final Countdown 02. The March To War 03. Ghost Division 04. To Hell And Back 05. Carolus Rex 06. Panzer Battalion 07. Wolfpack 08. Attero Dominatus 09. 7734 10. Union 11. The Art Of War 12. Saboteurs 13. Coat Of Arms 14. En Livstid I Krig 15. Resist And Bite 16. Swedish Pagans 17. Night Witches 18. Primo Victoria 19. Metal Crüe

CD - Live @ Wacken Open Air 2015

01. The March To War 02. Ghost Division 03. To Hell And Back 04. Carolus Rex 05. No Bullets Fly 06. Resist And Bite 07. Far From The Fame 08. Panzerkampf 09. Gott Mit Uns 10. The Art Of War 11. Soldier Of 3 Armies 12. Swedish Pagans 13. Screaming Eagles 14. Night Witches 15. Primo Victoria 16. Metal Crüe


26.02. UK Norwich - UEA 27.02. UK Manchester - Academy 28.02. UK Birmingham - o2 Academy 29.02. UK Southampton - o2 Guildhall 02.03. UK Aberdeen - Music Hall 03.03. UK Glasgow - Barrowlands 04.03. UK Belfast - Limelight 1 06.03. IRL Dublin - Vicar Street 07.03. UK Cardiff - Tramshed 08.03. UK Bristol - o2 Academy 10.03. UK London - The Forum


OSLO - In anticipation of Mortiis' upcoming The Great Deceiver album, Mortiis is offering a free download of "The Shining Lamp of God."

Download the Free single from

Similar to late last year's free download of "Doppleganger," "The Shining Lamp of God" download will come complete with a remix by MELT, the track's recently release music video, artwork, screensavers and other bonus graphics.

"We know fans have been waiting a long time for The Great Deceiver, so this is our way of giving them a little extra gift, as well as wetting their appetites for the full album," Mortiis said.

Fans have the option to donate if they wish, with funds going to offset the costs of recording and releasing The Great Deceiver.

"We are digging deep into our own shallow pockets to finance everything ourselves this time around," Mortiis said. "So, it's certainly not required, but donations are always appreciated!"

The video for "The Shining Lamp of God" can be viewed here:

Mortiis's The Great Deceiver will be released March 4, 2016 via Omnipresence/MRI.

AVERSIONS CROWN - Band reveal new track 'Erebus'

Brisbane metal destroyers AVERSIONS CROWN have released a new track in support of their current UK tour. The track is named after the primordial deity who personifies darkness, Erebus, and is accompanied by a gnarly visualiser / lyric video, here:

'Erebus' will appear on Aversions Crown’s next monstrous slab of brutality, which they will be tracking this month. The new year is set to get even more oppressive as the band delve further into their extraterrestrial dystopian nightmare.

Aversions Crown have been touring the UK with Rings Of Saturn and A Night In Texas this week. They wrap up the tour tonight in London at Boston Music Room.

The band's latest album and Nuclear Blast debut Tyrant was created in the oppressive heat of Brisbane’s summer of 2014 with THY ART IS MURDER’s Andy Marsh producing and Mark Lewis (WHITECHAPEL, CARNIFEX) of Audio Hammer mixing. With a thematic fixation on dystopian nightmares and hostile extraterrestrial encounters, the relentless barrage AVERSIONS CROWN churn out across these ten songs will soundtrack either a solid Halo session or the coming invasion. The striking artwork was created by Swedish visionary Pär Olofsson, who has worked with acts like EXODUS, PSYCROPTIC, ABORTED, CULT OF LUNA, IMMOLATION and many more.

Brisbane metal destroyers Aversions Crown only released Tyrant, their debut full length with international metal powerhouse Nuclear Blast Records, in the dying days of 2014 but have already returned with a new taste of brutality in the form of Parasites.

The first material from the band to feature new vocalist Mark Poida, the band have backed it up with relentless touring across Australia, Europe and the UK with acts like Thy Art Is Murder, The Acacia Strain, Psycroptic, Attila, Goatwhore, Northlane, Soilwork, Oceano, All Shall Perish, Cattle Decapitation and appearances at Unify and Warped Tour.

GALLERYX PRESENTS TENDER WOUNDS An exhibition of new works by Christina Tzani

23/01 – 20/02 2016
Preview and performance on 22/01 @ 6PM
65 South William Street D2 (first floor)

GalleryX – the new Dublin space for unsettling art – is delighted to introduce to Ireland the work of Greek painter Christina Tzani. Her work focuses on harrowing images of the abuse of children, drawing us into a false sense of security and beauty before confronting our exposed senses with uncomfortable and unavoidable force.

The exhibition will include oil paintings and ink drawings on paper and on canvas, and will be opened on 22 January at 6PM in the presence of the artist and of H.E. Mrs. Katia Georgiou, Ambassador of Greece in Ireland. A musical performance will take place during the opening.

Abused children live in a nightmare. Some of them can’t even sleep.

Christina’s art focuses our mind on the scourge of child abuse, using aesthetically pleasing colours in order to sensitise viewers and enhance their feeling of guilt when looking at the images of hurt children. The pictures powerfully communicate the victims’ isolation, rejection and abandonment as their personality withers in a torn and wounded existence.

Every child has the right and a need for love and security. Yet child abuse has existed in every society throughout human history. The physical weakness of a child, and their absolute dependency on adults, makes them easy prey.

Christina’s children look sorrowful, as the abuse transcends childhood and leaves its scars onto the adult and onto the entire society, demanding that we take action. Violence is an integral part of the inspiration of artists throughout the centuries. From the hunts in cave paintings to crucifixion to war, the depiction of violence has united artists and audiences with its power to admonish and inspire. By using pleasing colours and calm white backgrounds to lure the viewer closer to these monstrous images, Christina continues in this tradition and creates a distorted, unsettling world of beauty and mutilation, harmony and horror. Her works in ink and oil connect today’s reality and the ominous, unknown outcome of these small wounded lives.

The strong red colours describe despair and the erosion of humanity, and contrast with cool colours that indicate the absence of life – in this case a spiritual rather than corporeal death, the victory of indifference and bitterness. Traumatised and blood-stained lips mark the sacrilegious abuse of the very location through which nourishment and affection should flow. Half-open mouths and wounds contribute to the paintings’ emotional charge.

These artworks lie in an ever-shifting grey zone between beauty and ugliness – they represent beauty that shines through horror, but also unconquered horror that irrevocably stains the purest beauty. Sometimes, the hideous moves us to compassion and mesmerises us through the complexity of feeling that it evokes – can we really find pleasure in contemplating such pain?

Artist bio:

Christina Tzani is a graduate of the University of Western Macedonia’s School of Fine Arts (Florina, Greece) and has taken part in many group exhibitions, including “Fresh ’15: Happy Accidents”, “Biennial Castra 2015”, “Fid Prize 7” and “7th Biennial of Students of the Fine Arts Schools of Greece”. She works mainly through the medium of painting.

Whiskey Myers Night Life Religion Tour 2016

The Cadillac Three's return to the UK for their Night Life Religion tour soon. Joining them are Whiskey Myers; a southern rock/blues outfit from east Texas. This will be their first appearance in the UK so make sure that you catch them live at one of the shows.

Tour Dates

Thursday 28th January - Leeds, Brudenell Social Club Friday 29th January - Newcastle, University Saturday 30th January - Glasgow, Garage Sunday 31st January - Manchester, Academy 2 Tuesday 2nd February - Norwich, The Waterfront Wednesday 3rd February - Brighton, Concorde 2 Thursday 4th February - Birmingham, O2 Institute Friday 5th February - London, Electric Ballroom Saturday 6th February - Cardiff, Tramshed

About Whiskey Myers

Whiskey Myers are grand southern eclectics, pulling in an array of influences and seamlessly blending them. Listeners can pick up traces of everything from grunge to country to classic rock in the course of a set, united by vocalist Cody Cannon's soulfully heartfelt singing and bassist Gary Brown and drummer Jeff Hogg's solid, supple foundation.

The East Texan band's latest albums - Early Morning Shakes and Firewater - have recently been re-issued by Spinefarm in the UK.

The Full Line-Up

Cody Cannon - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar Cody Tate - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar John Jeffers - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Lead Guitar Gary Brown - Bass Jeff Hogg - Drums

REDEMPTION reveals details for new album, 'The Art of Loss'

On February 26th, Los Angeles prog-metal outfit REDEMPTION - featuring Nick van Dyk, Ray Alder (Fates Warning, Engine), Sean Andrews, and Chris Quirarte (as well as guitarist Bernie Versailles, who is presently on an indefinite medical hiatus) - will release their sixth full-length, 'The Art of Loss', via Metal Blade Records worldwide! The album is available for pre-order now in various formats at, where fans can also watch the lyric video for the first single, 'Damaged' - featuring guest guitarist Marty Friedman!

Containing over 70 minutes of their unique blend of passion, melody, aggression and complexity, 'The Art of Loss' was produced once again by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pagan's Mind, Pretty Maids, etc.), who worked with the band on 2009's 'Snowfall on Judgment Day'. The cover artwork was also created by long-time REDEMPTION collaborator Travis Smith (Opeth, Amorphis). Musically, 'The Art of Loss' follows its predecessor (2011's 'This Mortal Coil'), but their newest work finds composition, musicianship and production taken up another notch, with an array of songs ranging from hard-hitting melodic metal to the 23-minute epic 'At Day's End' - plus, special guest appearances from Chris Broderick, John Bush, Marty Friedman, Simone Mularoni and Chris Poland. See below for the official track-listing!

The European CD-edition will be a Euro-exclusive 2-Digipak-CD with an exclusive bonus-CD!

'The Art of Loss' track-listing

1. The Art of Loss (featuring Simone Mularoni and Chris Poland) 2. Slouching Towards Bethlehem (featuring Simone Mularoni and Chris Poland) 3. Damaged (featuring Marty Friedman) 4. Hope Dies Last (featuring Chris Poland) 5. That Golden Light 6. Thirty Silver (featuring Chris Poland, Marty Friedman, and Chris Broderick) 7. The Center of the Fire (featuring Chris Poland) 8. Love Reign o'er Me (The Who cover; featuring John Bush and Chris Poland) 9. At Day's End (featuring Chris Poland and Simone Mularoni)

Stay tuned for more REDEMPTION news coming soon!

LOST SOCIETY - Acoustic jams and more tequila tomfoolery in new album trailer

Braindead is the third album by Finland-based thrash metallers LOST SOCIETY and will be released on February 12th, 2016 via Nuclear Blast. In celebration of their new release, the band have been posting a series of trailers covering the recording of the album. Today sees the release of the fourth trailer, which features the guys playing a few acoustic jams and talking press through their new offering at an album listening session...oh, and there's more tequila!

The band premiered the official video for 'I Am The Antidote' at the end of last year - watch here:

Braindead track list:

01. I Am The Antidote 02. Riot 03. Mad Torture 04. Hollow Eyes 05. Rage Me Up 06. Hangover Activator 07. Only (My) Death Is Certain 08. P.S.T.88 Bonus track: 09. Terror Hungry (Californian Easy Listening Version)

LOST SOCIETY will be playing as main support alongside Exodus on their forthcoming 2016 UK & Ireland tour. Front man Samy Elbanna said regarding the announcement: "We can't even begin to tell you all how stoked we are to announce that we'll be hitting the road with the almighty EXODUS at the end of February! We're so happy to finally return to the UK and hit our other favourite countries and cities. We'll be playing some tracks off of ‘BRAINDEAD’ for the first time ever, and of course songs off of the first two records. One thing is for sure, Exodus and Lost Society will tear down every single venue, and we expect you all to go crazy and scream your lungs out!! Make sure you get your tickets right away, this is gonna be legendary!

Europe BEWARE: Lost Society and Exodus comin' atcha!!”

Samy has also put together a video message for the announcement, which you can watch here:

The tour which will take the bands across Europe as well as the UK & Ireland:

25th February – Birmingham, Asylum 26th February – Newcastle, Riverside 27th February – Aberdeen, The Tunnels 28th February – Glasgow, The Cathouse 29th February – Belfast, Limelight 1st March – Dublin, Button Factory 2nd March – Liverpool, O2 Academy 3rd March – York, Fibbers 4th March – Nottingham, Rescue Rooms 5th March – London, Underworld 6th March – Brighton, The Haunt 8th March – Southampton – Talking Heads 9th March – Bristol, The Fleece 10th March - Plymouth, The Hub 11th March – Cardiff, The Globe 13th March – Southend, Chinnerys

Exodus and Lost Society are keen to disperse their thrashing annihilation across the UK, this is a tour not to be missed!

Rivers of Nihil announce new drummer; launch drum play-through for "Perpetual Growth Machine" online

Photo credit: Simon Girard

Progressive death metal outfit Rivers of Nihil have amicably parted ways with drummer Alan Balamut. Regarding the split, Alan comments: "Hey everyone. I'm sure many of you already know and some may not but I have decided to part ways with Rivers of Nihil a few months ago in good terms. The reason is simply that I need to financially situate myself (NYC isn't easy) and my urge to finish school in Music Production. I found Dylan Potts just before my departure and I believe he fits in and performs with the band in phenomenal ways. The whole ride was an amazing and unforgettable experience and I have nothing but respect for each member, former member, our manager, all the people I've met and Metal Blade Records. In the meantime I'll be doing session work and other music productions, and I'll be more open for touring after I finish school in 2016-- and if Rivers ever need any assistance, I'll be right there for them. I wish the band all the success for next year and beyond!"

With Alan's departure, Rivers of Nihil welcome Dylan Potts to join their ranks! To showcase his talent behind the kit, the band has filmed a new drum play-through for the track "Perpetual Growth Machine", taken from their new album, Monarchy. To watch the video, please visit:

Rivers of Nihil are currently preparing for their headlining USA tour next month with Black Fast and Dark Sermon. See below for all dates!

Rivers of Nihil tour dates w/ Black Fast, Dark Sermon

Feb. 17 - Buffalo, NY - Broadway Joe's Feb. 18 - Amityville, NY - Amityville Music Hall Feb. 19 - New York, NY - Saint Vitus Feb. 20 - Long Branch, NJ - The Brighton Bar Feb. 21 - Frederick, MD - Club 611 Feb. 22 - Fayetteville, NC - The DHP Feb. 23 - Columbia, SC - New Brookland Tavern Feb. 24 - Orlando, FL - The Haven Feb. 25 - Ybor City, FL - Crowbar Feb. 26 - Pensacola, FL - The Handlebar Feb. 27 - Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade Feb. 28 - Nashville, TN - The End * Mar. 1 - Indianapolis, IN - The Hoosier Dome * Mar. 2 - Chicago, IL - Reggie's * Mar. 3 - Dayton, OH - Rockstar Pro Arena * Mar. 4 - Lakewood, OH - The Foundry * Mar. 5 - Pittsburgh, PA - The Smiling Moose * Mar. 6 - Washington D.C. - The Pinch * *=Rivers of Nihil, Dark Sermon only

Rivers of Nihil will be touring in support of their recently released, sophomore album, Monarchy. Hailed as "the gold standard for extreme, technical, progressive, and passionate death metal right now" (, Monarchy continues the seasonal concept that began with spring on Rivers of Nihil's acclaimed debut, The Conscious Seed of Light - this time, welcoming the oppressive summer heat. Adam Biggs, who also serves as the band's primary lyricist, explains: "The Earth has been transformed into a vast desert wasteland, where after aeons of lifelessness, new beings begin to take shape and begin their journey as shepherds of the planet. But after a while, a class system forms from a sun-worshiping religious dictatorship, and these beings start to lose their way. Only the guidance of an ancient earthly force can help them save themselves as well the planet."

SERENITY – Premiere New Music Video For Track "Follow Me"

Hot on the heels of the next week’s album release of Codex Atlanticus, SERENITY is pleased to premiere a brand new music video for the track “Follow Me”. Immerse yourself into symphonic bombast & catchy melodies!

View the video here.

Codex Atlanticus out on January 29th via Napalm Records.

Don’t miss your chance to meet these guys live on tour!

Symphonic Metal Nights Part I /w XANDRIA

02.02.2016 - Hamburg / Logo 03.02.2016 - Aschaffenburg / Colos Saal 04.02.2016 - München / Backstage 05.02.2016 - Linz / Central 06.02.2016 - Solothurn / Kofmehl 07.02.2016 - Bosco Marengo / LIVE23 09.02.2016 - Paris / Divan Du Monde 10.02.2016 - London / The Underworld 11.02.2016 - Zaandam / De Flux 12.02.2016 - Bochum / Matrix 13.02.2016 - Magdeburg / Factory 14.02.2016 - Berlin / K17 16.02.2016 - Zlin / Masters Of Rock Café 17.02.2016 - Wien / Szene 18.02.2016 - Aalen / Rock it 19.02.2016 - Bamberg / Live-Club 20.02.2016 - Kaiserslautern / Kammgarn 21.02.2016 - Vosselaar / BIEBOB


26.03.2016 DE - Karlsruhe, Substage 27.03.2016 AT - Dornbirn, Conrad Sohm 28.03.2016 AT - Graz, Explosiv 29.03.2016 AT - Nassfeld, Full Metal Mountain 31.03.2016 DE - Erfurt, HsB 01.04.2016 DE - Frankfurt, Batschkapp 02.04.2016 FR - Clermont-Ferrand, La Coopérative de mai 03.04.2016 ES - Barcelona, Salamandra 1 04.04.2016 ES - Madrid, La Riviera 06.04.2016 FR - Toulouse, Bikini 07.04.2016 FR - Cognac, West Rock 08.04.2016 CH - Solothurn, Kofmehl 09.04.2016 BE - Durbuy, Durbuy Rock Festival

DUST BOLT - Ready To Record Third Full Length Album

German Thrash crew DUST BOLT has just announced that they will be entering the recording studio in two weeks to record their upcoming third album.

The four gentlemen are already excited to start recording their new Thrash masterpiece: "We’ve decided to enter the THE ENGINGE STUDIOS again, where our last album “Awake the Riot” was recorded. We as a team are inseparable & working strongly together on a highly creative level! Our upcoming album is going to surprise, that’s for sure and it will be mixed & mastered only analog! We are super stoked and can’t wait to hit the studio soon and finally unleash album number 3 to the world!”

The album is scheduled for summer 2016 – much more news and information are on the way, so stay tuned!

In the meantime watch the official album announcement as a video message HERE.

DUST BOLT is already confirmed for a host of festivals this year. Find the initial dates below:

02.04.16 CH – Stans / Iron Force Festival 13.05.16 DE – Oberndorf am Lech / Metalheadz Open Air 27.05.16 DE – Büßfeld / MISE Open Air 28.05.16 DE – Duisburg / Rage against Racism 17.06.16 FR – Clisson / Hellfest 07.07.16 DE – Ballenstedt / Rockharz Open Air 22.07.16 CZ – Poho?í / Aggressive Music Fest 23.07.16 DE – Bertingen / RUDE Open Air 02.09.16 DE – Rockenhausen / Metallergrillen Open Air 24.09.16 LUX – Esch an der Alzette / Anger Fest

WALLS OF JERICHO - Unveil Details Of Upcoming Album

Shrieking guitar assaults, sirens, words of warning, thousands marching… The intro for No One Can Save You From Yourself establishes in mere seconds that WALLS OF JERICHO are ready for the final resistance – after all, why would these hardcore / metalcore legends fall silent after almost 20 years? The five-piece loves to rub salt into gaping wounds, and WALLS OF JERICHO fans worldwide count on the unmatched aggression and integrity of Detroit`s daughter and sons – be it at their brutal live shows or on record! Eight years after The American Dream, Candace Kucsulain and Co. have found new allies in Napalm Records and seem more relentless than ever: there`s no space for soft nuances! Maddening riffing, downbeats, and huge breakdowns proudly display the band`s historical vigor.

No One Can Save You From Yourself, is set for a March 25th release via Napalm Records. Today both the artwork and track listing have been revealed.

Front woman Candace Kucsulain on the new record: “Sometimes in life we lose ourselves, and for me it's always been music that's brought me back to who I am and what I love. It's never to late to rediscover yourself. This experience was a reminder to "Find what you love and let it kill you"!”

The band added, “This record was a long time coming and it seemed it would never come to light, but it did so be ready!”

Seemingly overnight, stylized bands playing strains of melodic hardcore have sailed up the pop charts. But for WALLS OF JERICHO things have played out a bit differently. During the scene’s ascension, the band’s members have all but shunned the idea of a genre tag or an “image” and have instead focused their energies on making music that will survive strictly on its musical merits.

Most bands in the world can be lumped into one category or another, they are shuffled, redefined, and in that way they begin to lose the qualities that could make them important or meaningful. The greatest bands, the most influential or memorable, are the ones who don’t try to fill the role set for them, who don’t pursue anything other than the desire to make music, and the need to express that art to an audience. From the start this has been the mind-set of WALLS OF JERICHO.

No One Can Save You From Yourself Track Listing:

1. Intro 2. Illusion of Safety 3. No One Can Save You From Yourself 4. Forever Militant 5. Fight the Good Fight 6. Cutbird 7. Relentless 8. Damage Done 9. Reign Supreme 10. Wrapped in Violence 11. Anthem 12. Beyond All Praise 13. Probably Will


Candace Kucsulain Mike Hasty Aaron Ruby Chris Rawson Dustin Schoenhofer

MEGAHERZ – Release New Music Video “Einsam“

German Rockers MEGAHERZ have just released a brand new music video for the track „Einsam“ taken from their latest EP Erdwärts (2015, Napalm Records). The EP features four new and very varied songs as well as two MEGAHERZ classics re-recorded. Watch “Einsam” HERE.

A wondrous mix and a great preview for the MEGAHERZ German tour this month, starting January 20th – and probably something to heal the pain of waiting for the next album.

20.01.2016 DE - Aschaffenburg / Colos-Saal 21.01.2016 DE - Augsburg / Spectrum 22.01.2016 DE - München / Backstage 23.01.2016 DE - Leipzig / Hellraiser 24.01.2016 DE - Magdeburg / Factory 25.01.2016 DE - Berlin / Columbia Club 26.01.2016 DE - Saarbrücken / Garage 27.01.2016 DE - Pratteln / Z7 28.01.2016 DE - Mannheim / Alte Seilerei 29.01.2016 DE - Osnabrück / Rosenhof 30.01.2016 DE - Bochum / Matrix 31.01.2016 DE - Köln / Essigfabrik

GRAMMY nominated Highly Suspect diss Trump in CONAN performance

Debut album, "Mister Asylum" available now via 300 Entertainment 2x GRAMMY NOMINATIONS - “Best Rock Song” and “Best Rock Album”

GRAMMY nominated Highly Suspect diss Trump in CONAN performance:

Watch the video HERE

Like the billboard on the Sunset Strip says, Highly Suspect is the best fuckin' rock band of 2015. The band had a massive year, with the Brooklyn-based 3 piece releasing their debut record, "Mister Asylum" which picked up 2x GRAMMY nominations for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Album.

Following their September performance and late night debut on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the band last night made their return to network television, performing "Bloodfeather" on CONAN. Never ones to go quietly, the band's frontman, Johnny Stevens called out Trump in the opening moments of the performance, pleading to America for "anyone but Trump."

Produced by Joel Hamilton (The Black Keys, Tom Waits, Elvis Costello), "Mister Asylum" was released in July 2015 to critical praise from FADER, Consequence Of Sound, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Blackbook and many more. The album's first single, Lydia has been a staple at Radio for over 30 weeks crossing over to Alternative. The controversial video for “Lydia” also premiered on-air and online with MTV2 and racking up millions of views on YouTube. “Lydia” has also amassed over ten million streams on Spotify and sold over a hundred thousand tracks.

With an electrifying live show, the Grammy nominated band has kept busy on the road, touring non-stop with acts like Catfish And The Bottlemen, playing Bonnaroo for the first time and now headlining a nearly sold-out tour. The band are headed to the UK for more dates with Halestorm, which will be followed by a tour to Australia for a string of shows in March.

Catch Highly Suspect on tour:

​ 2/20 - Montgomery, AL - Rock Bottom American Pub 2/21 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl 2/23 - Nashville, TN - The Basement- East 2/25 - Indianapolis, IN - Deluxe @ Old National Centre 2/26 - Chicago, IL - Double Door 2/27 - Louisville, KY - Headliners Music Hall 2/28 - Lexington, KY - Cosmic Charlie’s 3/01 - Washington, DC - Black Cat 3/02 - Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Sound Stage 3/03 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s 3/05 - New York, NY - (Le) Poisson Rouge

Oblivious Signal Announce Dates Of "Decode The West" Tour

Fort Lauderdale, Florida based Hard Rock band Oblivious Signal have announced the dates of their upcoming "Decode The West" headline tour. The band is touring in support of their latest album Exordium (Pavement Entertainment). The tour kicks off on January 16th in Montgomery, Alabama and works it's way thoughout the United States wrapping up on January 30th in Dothan, Alabama.

Watch Oblivious Signal's "Crash" music video below:

We are very excited about the tour Decode the West. It's a lot to go out on your own and just make things happen, but thanks to our fans we are hitting as many locations as possible to show them our appreciation in their support! We have some nice surprises for everyone on the road including a high profile addition to the second leg of tour and exclusive merch. If we are in your city make sure to come out! - Cristina T. Feliciano (Vocals)

"Decode The West" Tour Dates:

01/16 - Montgomery, AL @ Head on the Door 01/17 - Huntsville, AL @ Copper Top Dive N Dine 01/19 - Norman, OK @ Red Brick Bar 01/20 - Albuquerque, NM @ Blu Pheonix 01/21 - Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall 01/22 - Colorado Springs, CO @ Jives Coffee Lounge 01/23 - Pueblo, CO @ Phil’s Bar & Music Venue 01/25 - El Paso, TX @ Mulligan’s Shot Bar 01/26 - San Antonio, TX @ Fitzgerald’s 01/27 - Wednesday, TX @ TBA 01/28 - Houston, TX @ Notsuoh 01/29 - Slidell, LA @ The Corner Pub

About Oblivious Signal:

Oblivious Signal has become well known for their dynamic presence in and outside of the music scene. Fueled by lead vocalist Cristina T. Feliciano's powerful and unique voice, the band has been turning heads across the globe. Cristina is an accomplished touring musician and a professionally trained vocalist with a Puerto Rican heritage that gives her the ability to also perform in Spanish. Rounded out by the talented Nick Orisino (guitars), Greg Andrews (bass), and Jason Tally (drums), Oblivious Signal has all aspects of their sound well crafted and ready to capture the hearts of music lovers worldwide. The band has set themselves up to become the next generation of Rock/Metal music as we know it.

Band Lineup:

Cristina T. Feliciano - Vocals Nick Orisino - Guitar Greg Andrews - Bass Jason Talley – Drums


Michigan darlings POP EVIL have sold out The Machine Shop in Flint Michigan three nights in a row with the first performance happening last night. "What an honor it is to have our brothers in Pop Evil be the first band to sell out The Machine Shop 3 nights in a row!," says venue owner Kevin Zink. "I am also glad to have been able to watch it all. It's all only going one way and that is UP! Pop Evil/The Machine Shop family for life!"

Bands have come close in the past, but no band has ever reached such an incredible milestone. Vocalist Leigh Kakaty weighs in, "What a week we've had! First, it was a lifelong goal to play during a PISTONS GAME. What incredible hospitality they gave us this past Tuesday. A proud moment for Pop Evil for sure. The Machine Shop has been there for us since day one. The shop is our second home. Everyone involved at the venue we consider FAMILY. What a feeling to be the first artist to sell out 3 shows in a row. We wanted to challenge ourselves to do something different this time around and with the help from our great fans we have succeeded."

The band recently got the chance of a lifetime to perform during a Detroit Pistons game this past Tuesday against the San Antonio Spurs. The band played their two mega hit singles "Footsteps" and "Trenches." A recap of the event can be seen HERE.

POP EVIL recently debuted their new music video for their track "Ways To Get High," which is currently approaching Top 5 at Rock Radio.

The track is the second official single to come from their latest full length UP, which was released this past summer. "This song is a chance to free your mind and express yourself in whatever mood you may be in," says frontman Leigh Kakaty. "Find your Shine!"

The video was directed by long-time collaborator Johan Carlén who has helmed the last handful of visually stunning music videos the band has released including "Trenches," "Deal With The Devil," "Torn to Pieces" and most recently their #1 single "Footsteps."

The band recently reached #1 on the Mainstream Rock Chart for the fourth time in the band's career with their latest smash hit "Footsteps" and stayed there for a staggering 4 weeks. The single was not only the fastest charting single the band has to date, but is also the fastest independent record label single to go #1 at rock radio this year. POP EVIL released UP on August 21, 2015 and saw the release land at #1 on the Billboard Indie Chart in the week of its release. The LP pulled in at #25 Billboard Top 200, #16 Overall and #3 Top Hard Music albums.

UP was released with some serious critical accolades. Blabbermouth called it "an album that will rock the socks (and other clothes, no doubt) off their fans." Huffington Post said the new LP "finds the Michigan band is in fine form." News powerhouse USA Today even recognized that Pop Evil have "become a familiar presence on rock radio" in a recent feature with vocalist Leigh Kakaty. POP EVIL released a flurry of tracks off their LP before its release. "Footsteps" led the charge with "In Disarray," "Dead In The Water" and "Ghost Of Muskegon" right behind it.


Dear Amphi Fans,

the holiday break is over! Back with new energy we even return with two announcements this week. Today´s first part addresses a new party-concept at Amphi Festival 2016, which has been re-imagined under consideration of your feedback from the annual poll.


For many years the official Amphi Pre-Party on Friday ahead of the festival has been a popular landmark in the course of the weekend. So far located at the opposite shore of the Rhine, it is time to bring the pre-party closer to the festivalground, the Amphi camp and the pier of the ship.

Beginning on 22.07. at 10 pm we want to celebrate with you and a fine selection of star DJs at the Theater am Tanzbrunnen. This time for you behind the decks will be nobody less than:

DJ ALEX WESSELSKY (Eisbrecher) DJ ADRIAN HATES (Diary of Dreams) DJ ERK AICRAG (Hocico / Rabia Sorda) DJ MSTH (Nacht der Maschinen / FFM)

The Tanzbrunnen Theater creates a special atmosphere and delivers a great setting for a hot summer partynight. More (if the weather plays along) you also have the opportunity to walk over to the adjacent beach club „KM689“ and enjoy the old town city line, paired up with the relaxing beach feeling.

Admission is at 6,00 Euro plus charges for all visitors. A festival ticket is not requiered for the pre-party. However for the majority of visitors that do own a festival ticket we offer a possibility to pick up the festival wristband directly at the party. A respective station will be put up inside the Theater (presumably at the foyer). You can pre-order your tickets for the official Amphi Pre-Party now - available at the Amphi-Shop, at all nationwide CTS/EVENTIM box offices and via print@home. Additional Info at


Again on Saturday, 23.07., we celebrate the return of a classic with the official after-show party at the Theater am Tanzbrunnen. From 10 pm to 4 am you dance through the night with great DJs. As opposed to the pre-party the after-show party is for free but only open for visitors with festival wristband. In good weather the beach club will also be open on Saturday and can be accessed by party visitors. The line-up of this party will be revealed at a later time.

2015 some visitors missed the after-show party on Sunday or at least felt a little taken out of the mood by the sudden stop. To make up for the missing party we´re planning a special lead-out on Sunday night after the final concert, directly inside the Lanxess arena, bringing the festival to a close with a final DJ-set, until, at approximately 00:30, the infamous broom-commando takes over the dancefloor.

That´s it for today! Part 2 of the news is coming up tomorrow. It is rumoured we might have a couple of new artists up the sleeve!

Kind regards

Your Amphi Festival Team

23. – 24. July 2016 Cologne | Amphi Eventpark


Info at: or Festival tickets: (worldwide shipping) Camping tickets:

Furthermore you can purchase tickets for the early season price at all CTS/EVENTIM and TICKETMASTER box-offices as well as online at,, and Also available now at Eventim: print@home tickets!

This is In The Loop 2016! OUT NOW!

This is In The Loop 2016! OUT NOW!

To kick off the new year Lupe Fuentes releases This is In The Loop 2016, in celebration of the last year of talent and productions that came through her label in 2015. It was a successful year working alongside some of the most talented up-and-coming artists such as Jack Cousteau, Francis Kasibante, Skywalker, Magik J & Wongo, Dardo Roth and more! 2016 is here, and In The Loop is ready to make some fire on the dance floor!

“In The Loop starts 2016 going back to our roots and the year that saw us emerge from an idea to the sound that is now 'In The Loop'. Our first compilation 'This is In The Loop' brings back some of our most responsive tunes in terms of dance floor feel, don’t miss these sounds this time around!- Lupe Fuentes

Apple Music: This Is In the Loop 2016

Tom Foolery - Jive Turkeys EP via IN THE LOOP

UK based producer Tom Foolery makes his In The Loop debut with his latest EP Jive Turkeys, which is loaded with powerful energy and infectious groove! Jive Turkeys leads in with a thumping bassline, strong kick and pronounced rhythmic hi-hats. This one will be sure to have the tech-house militia on their toes in no time. Black Label is a bit more fluid, yet still maintains a wildly energetic presence and a strong, defining bassline. It's without a doubt, that Tom Foolery has delivered two fresh anthems to ring in the new year. Early supporters include Oliver Heldens, Laurent Garnier, Carl Craig, Richy Amhed, Martin Ikin, Vanilla Ace, Natale Pizzonia, Gene Farris, DJ E-Clyps, Scott Kinchen, Treasure Fingers, Gorgon City, Anna Lunoe, Mike Vale, Joyce Muniz, Tommy Trash, Richie Hawtin and more!

This month we celebrate the debut of our first UK artist Tom Foolery, dropping his 'Jive Turkeys' EP. When I first heard Jive Turkeys, I immediately had to stop what I was doing. This EP is just nasty dance floor fire. Several funk groups in the late 1960s and 1970s used the term “Jive Turkey.” This time, Tom Foolery re-uses the term making it his own. Man, you're nothing but a jive Turkey!" - Lupe Fuentes

Zakk Wylde Reveals Solo Album Details, first release in 20 years

Guitar icon Zakk Wylde will release Book Of Shadows II on April 8th, 2016 via Entertainment One Music (eOne Music), his first solo release in 20 years. This release is the highly anticipated follow up to 1996’s Book of Shadows LP, a classic album Wylde released between his work with Ozzy Osbourne that has since become a fan favorite. Book Of Shadows II was recently named as one of the "Most Anticipated Metal Releases of 2016" via

Wylde has been feverishly working on new material since he wrapped up Black Label Society’s "Unblackened" spring tour last year. All songs on Book of Shadows II were recorded and produced at Wylde’s legendary home studio, The Black Vatican, which produced several of Wylde’s recent releases. The new effort will be followed by a wave of tour dates in support to be announced soon. Zakk Wylde is no stranger to showing the lighter, introspective side of his music, having previously released two Black Label Society albums of stripped down material. The Song Remains Not the Same was released in 2011 which included acoustic versions of songs originally released on Order of the Black and 2013’s Unblackened, a live acoustic album that was recorded live at Club Nokia in Los Angeles.

Zakk will also be in full participation in this year's NAMM Convention taking place at The Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA January 21-24. Zakk's newly minted line of Guitars known as Wylde Audio will be on full display in Room 210-D and will be signing from 3pm - 5pm on Friday Jan 22. ZAKK SABBATH, a side project featuring guitarist/vocalist Wylde, bassist Blasko (OZZY OSBOURNE, ROB ZOMBIE) and drummer Joey Castillo (DANZIG, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE) performing only BLACK SABBATH SONGS will be playing at The Grove of Anaheim Saturday January 23rd.

SOULFLY - Band release 'Titans' video ahead of UK tour

Metal icons SOULFLY have released a lyric video of epic proportions for the track 'Titans' in support of their forthcoming tour! Watch the video here:

Catch SOULFLY on their forthcoming UK tour starting January 29th - confirmed dates are as follows:


Jan 29 Rock City Basement - Nottingham, UK Jan 30 O2 Islington Academy - London, UK Jan 31 Marble Factory - Bristol, UK Feb 2 Academy Green Room - Dublin, Ireland Feb 3 Limelight 2 - Belfast, UK Feb 4 King Tut's Wah Wah Hut - Glasgow, UK Feb 5 Academy 3 - Manchester, UK Feb 6 Waterfront - Norwich, UK Feb 7 Slade Rooms - Wolverhampton, UK Feb 8 Concorde 2 - Brighton, UK