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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Sepultura Interviewed in Dublin August 2015

ZARDONIC - Metal EDM Rises Against All Odds

International Metal EDM Producer ZARDONIC has released the single "Against All Odds" off of his highly anticipated debut album on eOne Music, Antihero. The massive album boasts a phenomenal collection of 26 not to be missed tracks, including instrumental mixes as well as remixes from Voicians, The Outside Agency, Evol Intent, Heavygrinder, Darksiderz, Esparta, Dub Elements, Counterstrike, and Rusty K.

I’d like to think this is a special song for him, not only because of the quality, but because Zardonic has been at the forefront of his sound, gaining mass popularity despite creating a style that isn’t accepted by the mass of dance music listeners, although it should! With “Against All Odds” you get vicious breaks mixed with heavy guitar riffs that will rip your ears apart in the best way possible. - Tyler Trew - Your EDM Listen to ZARDONIC "Against All Odds":

I’m trying to expand to something different this time. It is heavy, it is metal, but it is not strictly DNB anymore. Granted 6 out of 10 of the original tracks have a DNB beat, but I also did two electro tracks, a breakbeat / dubstep track and a glitch hop track. It also has instrumental mixes and remixes by Rusty K, Counterstrike, Dub Elements, Esparta, Darksiderz, Heavygrinder, Evol Intent, The Outside Agency and Voicians. All in different genres spanning from Big Room House to Crossbreed / Gabber. This is an album for the people. For everyone. No more closed niches, no more tight scenes, no more underground “stupid kids don’t deserve to hear this” mindset. There is something here for everyone, and everyone will be pleased. Or not. But I am, and that’s what matters to me first. - ZARDONIC


Eskimo Callboy have caused a proper furore since their formation in 2010; millions of views on YouTube, sold out tours, the biggest festivals in the world, crazy shows and even crazier parties…

Eskimo Callboy are testament to the fact that the German music scene never ceases to throw up hugely entertaining surprises!

Earlier this year the band released their third album, ‘Crystals’, via Spinefarm Records; and now UK fans can get in on the party too, with live dates set to take place in October – their first UK run since the release of this new record. Support will be provided by The One Hundred and Cabin Boy Jumped Ship.

UK tour dates:

08.10.15 London Underworld 09.10.15 Southampton Joiners 10.10.15 Manchester Satans Hollow 11.10.15 Sheffield Corporation 12.10.15 Glasgow Audio 13.10.15 Birmingham The Rainbow 14.10.15 Plymouth The Underground

Tickets available HERE

Listen to Eskimo Callboy’s cover of pop song ‘Tearing Up My Heart’ by N’SYNC here:

‘Crystals’ is out now via Spinefarm Records and can be purchased via Amazon or iTunes.