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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Chicago Hardcore Band Drowning Sign w/ Fast Break! Records

Chicago, IL - Chicago beatdown band Drowning has inked a deal with the eastern PA hardcore label Fast Break! Records. The group will release their debut full-length album Egotrip on 2/26, but you can stream the first single "Lord of War" now via Lambgoat. The track features rapper (and fellow south side Chicago native) MoeCyrus.

"'Lord Of War' was written about the real life situation of trying to better yourself while having to handle your business," says vocalist Bryan Gantz. "Everyone has history and sometimes you are where you come from and rep what you rep. Growing up in Chicago you learn a lot from the streets. Once you commit to a lifestyle there is no going back or backing down. You have to stand up for what you believe in through and through. When the 'Lord Of War' calls he calls with no question."

The theme of guest vocalists continues throughout the album with contributions from Matt Honeycutt (Kublai Khan), John Hoffman (Weekend Nachos), Rob Watson (Lionheart) and Baer Coon the Ewokk. "This is without a doubt the realest album we could have put together," says bassist Ryan Kramarz. "We went into the project with open minds and created something that encapsulates each member, our city, and the current state of things. This is Chicago Beatdown. This is Drowning."

Egotrip track listing

1. Dead End (ft. Matt Honeycutt) 2. Speak True (ft. Baer Coon the Ewokk) 3. Egotrip (ft. Rob Watson) 4. Lord Of War (ft. MoeCyrus) 5. One Way Street (ft. John Hoffman) 6. Streets Of Blood 7. One Times Two 8. Corrupted Youth (ft. Jesse Lewis and David Pierce) 9. Hollowed 10. Misconception (ft. JL) 11. No Conviction

Groezrock announce new acts

The almighty Face to Face recently announced their new album “Protection”, the band’s first since 2013’s “Three Chords And A Half Truth”. Listen to their first song "Double Crossed" here:

“Protection” will be out March 4th via Fat Wreck Chords and if you ask them nicely, they will play some of their new songs at GROEZROCK.

As far as we know Canada’s punk legends SNFU are not working on a new album, but Mr. Chi Pig & co will grace us with their attendance anyway. Get ready to tear it up with them!

Still feel like you will not have had enough of a workout after those shows? Then get ready for some violent hardcore slamdancing to the tunes of Terror. And to those of Walls Of Jericho, who will show up at GROEZROCK with a new album tucked firmly under their arms.

Hardcore bruisers Broken Teeth are out to cause as much blunt force trauma as possible. And so is Northlane. They are just a bit more sneaky about it. All sweet and melodic one moment, and pummel your ass the next.

DEATHCORE heroes Despised Icon have recently come back from the dead and are aching to play a couple of select dates. And yes, you guessed it. GROEZROCK is one of those dates where they will be slinging breakdown your way.

Want to know which day these bands are playing at GROEZROCK? Check GROEZROCK's new website for the line-up!

A novelty at this year’s GROEZROCK will be rental tents on the campsite that are good and ready to go. That means you can leave all of your camping stuff at home! Just bring the essentials like clean underwear and beer. Oh, and maybe some deodorant for everyone else’ sake. ("Soon" more info about this one at!)

If you prefer a stay in one of our fancy Flexotels, you’d better hurry because they are almost sold out. Just sayin’… The same goes out for the festival tickets, it's not sold out yet, but it goes pretty fast this year!

VIP tickets are finally on sale in our ticket shop and while you are there, you can pre-order a GROEZROCK fesitval shirt as well. They make you look extra snazzy. You’re welcome.

And the news just keeps on coming. GROEZROCK teamed up with Deezer! Check out the official GROEZROCK playlist with all of the bands playing at GROEZROCK this year. Get your free Deezer account, log-in, add this playlist as a favourite and you might be able to win a duoticket (including camping). Also it will get you in just the right mood for our 25th anniversary edition.

Soon more service announcements and more names. Stay tuned.

Stream the New Kurt Travis/Paul Travis Split EP Early


Sacramento, CA) Esque Records, a label owned by A Lot Like Birds vocalist Kurt Travis, recently signed singer/songwriter Paul Travis. Kurt was so inspired by Paul's music that he decided to write some indie-folk songs of his own for a split EP that you can hear in it's entirety at The record will be released on Feb. 1st, but pre-orders are available here.

“When I first heard Paul Travis, I was blown away by his talent to create such an intense feeling through his recordings and was even more impressed to learn that he produced the songs as well," says Kurt. "His soft, etherial, natural vibrato sounding vocals remind me of a younger Cat Stevens along with lyrics reminiscent of Elliott Smith. I signed Paul and wanted to immediately showcase his beautiful songs, to gain some recognition before his full length release later in 2016. The product of this idea is the split ep that we recorded together! I can’t wait to see what’s next for us in the future."

The EP will be available digitally and on cassette (with a one-time digital download). Paul Travis' debut full-length will be out later this spring on Esque Records.


1. Stay Please - Kurt Travis 2. Grow - Paul Travis 3. Stay Close - Kurt Travis 4. Permanent - Paul Travis

Artery Launches Full-Service Studio, "Gold Standard Sounds"

Sacramento, CA - Founder and owner of The Artery Foundation and Artery Recordings, Eric Rushing, has announced his new start up, Gold Standard Sounds. The full-service studio located in Sacramento will host some of today's top rock and metal acts' recording sessions as well as being open to the public.

Rushing had this to say about his latest venture, "After 20 years in the music industry I'm extremely excited to open a state of the art recording studio in my hometown. Not only did I open this studio so that that bands could record music but I created a really cool environment for writing sessions, video sessions and listening parties. This will be a great addition for the label and management company that we have built on a local and national level. GSS showcases the only SSL Console in town and with a big LA studio vibe."

To get in touch and to learn more about Gold Studio Sounds, visit their website today.

Blood Of The Martyrs Releases Music Video for New Single

Farmville, VA - Seasoned metalcore veterans Blood Of The Martyrs has released the first single off the forthcoming Endgame, which will serve as the band’s follow-up to the 2013 release Completionist. “The Devil’s Grip” will serve as the album opener when the Andreas Magnusson (Oh Sleeper, Haste The Day, Impending Doom) produced album drops February 26th.

“With this CD we really strived to step out of our comfort zone and progress as musicians. We are very happy with how everything turned out and wrote this album with the hopes that we can reflect back on it years down the road and still be proud of it.” - Bobby Huotari (Bass)

ENDGAME (February 26th)

1. The Devil’s Grip 2. Home Insecurity 3. The Better Man 4. Dr Killinger 5. Retrun To Malice 6. The Revenge Society 7. Council of Thirteen

About Blood Of The Martyrs:

Blood of the Martyrs formed in late 2007 and underwent numerous transformations throughout its lifetime. They have garnered a reputation as one of the hardest working and most professional DIY acts in heavy music, having over 600 shows under their belt and now a three professionally recorded releases. Endgame is the bands third Independent release and was recorded and produced by Andreas Magnusson in Richmond Virginia.

Gehennah - "Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die" Release: 12 February 2016 via Metal Blade Records

Gehennah is back with their fourth album (and Metal Blade Records full-length debut), Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die! Set to be released on February 12th, 2016, this record will be the band's first full-length since 1997´s Decibel Rebel.

Gehennah was formed in 1992, and soon after, the band made their mark on the scene with their three now-classic albums: Hardrocker (1995), King of the Sidewalk (1996), and Decibel Rebel (1997). Influenced by Venom, Bathory, and Motörhead, the quartet earned a loyal following for their thrashy, black 'n roll during the 90s; since then, they have released various 7" singles, with fans begging for more.

Finally in early 2015, Gehennah released the extended EP Metal Police via Metal Blade Records, a comeback that gained praise from old and new supporters. Now, the band has returned again with their first full-length offering in nearly 20 years, Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die. Recorded at Studio Cobra in Stockholm, Sweden and produced by Martin Eherencrona, Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die proves to be worth the wait, featuring 13 tracks brimming with drinking anthems, anti-establishment themes, and dirty, raw street-attitude.

Come February 2016, expect a full-force liver attack, courtesy of Gehennah!

Gehennah Line-Up:

Mr. Violence - Vocals Rob Stringburner - Guitar Hellcop - Drums Charley Knuckleduster - Bass

AntropomorphiA - "Necromantic Love Songs" Release: 12 February 2016 via Metal Blade Records

Musically fueled by bands that laid the foundation of various metal sub-genres (such as Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Possessed, Death, Autopsy and Venom) AntropomorphiA's inception lies in the fall of 1990 in Tilburg (Netherlands). The band was formed by four individuals that shared a close friendship and passion in honest metal music. The first years of sending out rehearsal tapes and performing shows in local bars culminated into 1992's Bowel Mutilation demo, which became a highly sought-after release in the underground scene. Soon after, a record deal was offered by Swiss label Blackened Recordings. In 1993, the cult classic Necromantic Love Songs MCD was put on the market.

In the years of turmoil that followed, the band released 1995's I Have My Way! demo, but got consumed by other musical projects in the flourishing Netherlands metal scene at the time. Consequently, AntropomorphiA went on hiatus in 1999 - but still wrote and recorded material over the years, until they re-grouped officially in 2009. The resulting effort was 2012's Evangelivm Nekromantia - their Metal Blade Records debut! Following the success of the album (and subsequent ban in Germany for their violence and occultism), Rites ov Perversion was released in 2014 to critical acclaim once again.

Now, the Dutch death metallers have decided to re-visit their past, with a re-issue of their first EP and demo, entitled Necromantic Love Songs."'Necromantic Love Songs' has been a sonic sepulchral withering that keeps echoing through the years, and although it has been 20+ years since we recorded it, till this day people keep asking when we are going to revisit this release," singer/guitarist Ferry Damen comments. "When Metal Blade gave us the opportunity to let these restless cadavers rise from their burial chamber - and although a lot of stuff got lost or damaged in those years - we checked our vaults and got out everything we could use to make it a worthy re-issue!"

Re-mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio for the most eerie listening experience possible, Necromantic Love Songs is strictly limited and numbered to 666 LPs (333 LPs in 2 versions) and 1000 CDs. For fans that never had the chance to collect the original Bowel Mutilation demo or Necromantic Love Songs MCD, this is a must-have re-issue by one of the Netherlands' finest!

Necromantic Love Songs track-listing
Necromantic Love Songs EP

1. Crack the Casket 2. The Carnal Pit 3. Birth Through Dead 4. Chunks of Meat 5. Rotted Flesh 6. Outro/A Necromantic Love Song Bowel Mutilation demo 7. Intro 8. Bowel Mutilation 9. Splattered Remains 10. Rotted Flesh 11. The Carnal Pit

AntropomorphiA line-up:

Ferry Damen - vocals, guitar Jos van den Brand - guitar Marc van Stiphout - bass Marco Stubbe - drums

HEXVESSEL - new album 'When We Are Death' out now! Euro tour & UK dates announced

“I move by the same grace The same wind whips against your face And when I am death I give you new life And when I am death I am yours And you are mine”

HEXVESSEL’s new album 'When We Are Death' is out!

'When We Are Death' is offered in the following formats:

Ltd. Deluxe Mediabook (with 32-page booklet, sturdy slipcase and one exclusive bonus track) Deluxe LP (gatefold sleeve, 8-page LP booklet, CD plus bonus track) Digital album

The LP version is available in these vinyl colors: Black vinyl: unlimited White vinyl: limited to 100 copies, exclusively offered at CM Distro Red vinyl: limited to 500 copies, exclusively sold by RED (US distribution)

After the much lauded albums “Dawnbearer” and “No Holier Temple” HEXVESSEL’s third opus “When We Are Death” marks a turning point on the path the band has walked on so far. Still maintaining the warmth and eccentric peculiarity of the preceding albums, “When We Are Death” offers a combination of magnificent harmonies, organic sound and the outstanding performance of singer Mat McNerney, resulting in 10 highly varied and focused tracks of compact, catchy and soulful psychedelic folk rock.

“When We Are Death” tracklist:

1. Transparent Eyeball (5:27) 2. Earth Over Us (3:26) 3. Cosmic Truth (4:33) 4. When I'm Dead (4:37) 5. Mirror Boy (4:17) 6. Drugged Up On The Universe (3:42) 7. Teeth Of The Mountain (4:01) 8. Green Gold (3:31) 9. Mushroom Spirit Doors (5:33) 10. Hunter's Prayer (4:38) 11. Last Lovers In Hell (3:44) *

* bonus track on the Mediabook version and the CD included in the LP

The band recently announced a European headline run ahead of their performance at the prestigious Roadburn festival in April, which is starting on 12th March in Helsinki.


Mar 12 Korjaamo Helsinki, Finnland Mar 16 Klubi Tampere, Finnland Mar 17 Dunamo Turku, Finnland Mar 18 Jyvaskyla Musta Kynnys, Finnland Mar 22 Beta Copenhagen, Denmark Mar 24 Underground Cologne, Germany Mar 25 Rock Cafe Hamburg, Germany Mar 26 Beatpol Dresden, Germany Mar 27 Musik & Frieden Berlin, Germany Mar 29 Minoga Poznan, Poland Mar 30 Cross Club Prague, Czech Republic Mar 31 Chelsea Vienna, Austria Apr 01 A38 Budapest, Hungary Apr 02 Shelter Cluj Napoca, Romania Apr 03 Control Bucharest, Romania Apr 04 Live & Loud Sofia, Bulgaria Apr 05 tba Belgrade, Serbia Apr 06 Channel Zero Ljubljana, Slovenia Apr 07 1210 Stuttgart, Germany Apr 08 Alte Hackerei Karlsruhe, Germany Apr 10 Het Bos Antwerp, Belgium Apr 11 Brudenell SC Leeds, United Kingdom Apr 12 100 Club London, United Kingdom Apr 13 Prince Albert Brighton, United Kingdom Apr 14 – 15 Roadburn Tilburg, Netherlands

SANGUINE mark the release of second album ‘Black Sheep’ with spectacular sci-fi video for new track ‘Save Me’

‘Black Sheep’, the second album from ferocious female-fronted metal mob Sanguine, gets a Europe-wide release today through Odyssey Music. To mark its arrival, the Exeter alt. metallers have dropped another new video for ‘Save Me’; the third song to be taken from ‘Black Sheep’. The clip, which premiered exclusively at on Wednesday, is easily their most ambitious video to date, and was created in collaboration with fast-rising young Australian director Tyson Wade Johnston, who has recently joined Warner Studios in Hollywood.

Johnston became the subject of a massive movie industry buzz after releasing his independent sci-fi short ‘Lunar’ online, leading Creative Artists Agency to sign him up just a week later. Set in a strict, robot-patrolled Los Angeles in 2057, ‘Lunar’ centres on a man who is arrested after trying to steal bread for his family, and is sent to a penal colony on the moon. Sanguine bonded with Johnston when they played in L.A, and fruit of their alliance is the ‘Save Me’ video, which repurposes scenes from ‘Lunar’, and splices them together with the band’s own footage, presenting a new spin on the director’s storyline and Sanguine’s song.

Watch it now here:

Guitarist Nick Magee says “we saw Tyson’s work and were blown away. We sent him an email to see if he would consider letting us collaborate using his footage - he liked what we were doing so let us. It's freaking awesome that he let us do that - artist to artist I think I respect that more than anything.

In a total spooky co-incidence our manager phoned that week and said we had been offered a show in Los Angeles. The weirdest thing is, before that week, Sanguine had nothing to do with Los Angeles at all. Suddenly we were playing a show there and collaborating with Hollywood Directors! We met Tyson in a seedy titty bar, because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Ron Jeremy happened to be there, so our first face-to-face meeting, we were sat a couple meters from Ron, watching naked girls pick things up with their breasts and talking about the new music video. That was the first day we landed in L.A!”.

‘Black Sheep’ is out now, and available as a CD and download from all the usual outlets. Recorded at In Flames’ Gothenburg studios, and featuring some cameos and co-writes from IF guitarist Jesper Stromblad, it’s a record that’s both highly distinctive and dizzyingly eclectic. With frontwoman Tarin’s instantly recognisable banshee-howl-to-angelic-harmony vocal range drawing it all together, the album dips into a dazzling array of influences to be by turns both brutal and beautiful. Nick comments, “this album has been a real journey. It started back in 2012 when we started cutting demo's in Gothenburg. Since then the album has taken us to Berlin, Los Angeles, Ibiza, Las Vegas and Stockholm. We can't believe how well it's gone in a lot of ways - the music industry is tough at the moment so we are lucky to have been given the opportunity to do so many different things. This album has something for everyone I think. Each song has a different energy”.

ULI JON ROTH Presents the 'Ultimate Guitar Experience' Tour - Beginning in One Month

Joined by Fellow Guitar Legends Jennifer Batten (Ex-Jeff Beck, Michael Jackson) & Andy Timmons (Andy Timmons Band)

Gold/Platinum VIP Passes Available for a Unique, Private Pre-Show Acoustic Concerts and Previews of Unreleased Music!

ULI JON ROTH, whose musical career spans an amazing five decades, is a multi-faceted phenomenon with a unique set of artistic talents that have gained him an international reputation as a musical visionary and innovator. Throughout recent years, ULI JON ROTH has toured the globe with several fellow music legends - sharing his talents and the talents of others with fans around the world. 2016 will be no different.

ULI JON ROTH recently announced his upcoming "Ultimate Guitar Experience" tour featuring legendary guitar contemporaries Jennifer Batten (Ex-Jeff Beck, Michael Jackson) and Andy Timmons (Andy Timmons Band). The tour begins on February 26th in Ft. Lauderdale, FL - running for an impressive 36 dates - ending back in Melbourne, FL on April 8th.

ULI JON ROTH's set will draw from a combination of all of his albums, including the latest, Scorpions Revisited, and Transcendental Sky Guitar, but will also emphasize select Electric Sun songs in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the first Electric Sun album, Earthquake. These songs have not been performed live by ULI JON ROTH in over 30 years.

"I'm happy to say that there will be two great fellow guitarists on tour with me this time: none other than the fabulous Jennifer Batten and the very talented Andy Timmons," states ULI JON ROTH. "Together we'll be celebrating the spirit of our favorite instrument: THE ELECTRIC GUITAR! I'm really looking forward to this tour and I'm sure that between the three of us - and the audience - sparks will fly (positive ones, of course)! We will all play our own separate sets first and then play some pieces together, which should be great fun!"

Visit to purchase tickets and VIP Passes! There are several VIP pack options, but Gold/Platinum VIP passes will include a truly unique experience that should not be missed! These passes will grant buyers entry into a unique, private ULI JON ROTH "Acoustika Concert" before each show. This acoustic performance will feature songs different from those being performed during the main show. Due to this pre-show performance being during soundcheck, Gold/Platinum VIP Pass buyers will also be present as ULI JON ROTH rehearses new never-before-heard music to be included on his next album.

*Please note that only the Platinum Pass (also referred to as "Triple Platinum") will include the ticket to the Ultimate Guitar Experience show. All other VIP pass holders will need to purchase tickets to the main event separately.

See below for all currently confirmed Ultimate Guitar Experience tour dates.

2016 ULI JON ROTH US Tour Dates - The Ultimate Guitar Experience


2/26 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room 2/27 - Orlando, FL @ Plaza Live 2/28 - Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse 2/29 - Nashville, TN @ The Basement East


3/1 - Little Rock, AR @ Metroplex 3/2 - Dallas, TX @ Trees 3/3 - New Orleans, LA @ House of Blues 3/4 - Houston, TX @ Concert Pub North 3/5 - San Antonio, TX @ The Korova 3/8 - Phoenix, AZ @ Joe's Grotto 3/9 - Las Vegas, NV @ Las Vegas Country Saloon 3/10 - Ventura, CA @ Ventura Theater 3/11 - Ramona, CA @ Ramona Main Stage 3/12 - Los Angeles, CA @ Whisky A Go Go 3/13 - San Jose, CA @ RockBar Theater 3/14 - Concord, CA @ Vinnie's 3/15 - Reno, NV @ PB&J's 3/16 - Redding, CA @ The Dip 3/17 - Portland, OR @ Dantes 3/18 - Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven 3/19 - Vancouver, BC @ BC Venue 3/22 - Denver, CO @ Oriental Theater 3/24 - Moorehead, MN @ Neisens 3/25 - Savage, MN @ Neisens 3/26 - St. Charles, IL @ Arcada Theater 3/27 - Chicago, IL @ Reggie's 3/28 - Detroit, MI @ Token Lounge 3/29 - Toronto, ON @ Mod Club Theater 3/30 - Montreal, QC @ Katacombes 3/31 - Londonberry, NH @ Tupelo Music Hall


4/1 - Ottawa, ON @ Brass Monkey 4/2 - Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance 4/4 - New York, NY @ BB King's 4/5 - Sellersville, PA @ Sellersville Theater 4/6 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Rex Theater 4/8 - Melbourne, FL @ Black Box Theater

For more information on this tour and ULI JON ROTH's current release Scorpions Revisited, please visit and