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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Go Fight Releases New Album Napalm Baby

Chicago,IL-The self-proclaimed "Electrosuzz" artists Go Fight are back with their second studio album "Napalm Baby".

Picking up where their first full length album “Music for Military Torture” left off, “Napalm Baby” is a big and relentless commentary on modern cultural totems, set to a dance rhythm that melds EBM, EDM, Electrohouse, Industrial and funk into their own unique Electroscuzz sound.

It’s unforgiving and not safe for work attitude attacks mainstream issues involving gender, police brutality, gay rights, suicide, the terrors of unbridled capitalism, rape apologetics, classism, war and more, while anthemic choruses create opportunities for enjoyment on multiple levels.

Napalm Baby will be release April 10th on Go Fight's label Pulseback.

About Go Fight Built on the skeleton of Seminal Industrial band “Die Warzau, Go Fight may be the first or second best pro-sex, anti-war Chicago born Electroscuzz band in the world,specializing in big dancefloor beats,harsh and moving synthetic noises and vocals that sound like they might be pop music from a whole different dimension...

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