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Wednesday, 18 March 2015


GalleryX was founded just last year with the promise to fill a void in the Irish gallery scene by showcasing art that challenges our ideas of beauty, of right and wrong, of appropriateness.

Its third show, organised in cooperation with international curators The Macabre Gallery, brings together a set of outstanding artists – most of whom are at their Irish debut – that are active in “dark fine art”. The exhibition opens on Friday 27th March, with a preview on the 26th and will be available for viewing until May 1st.

Dark or macabre art is art that speaks to our innermost side by evoking our most hidden feelings. Often mixing together sensual and religious imagery, or playing with the beauty of death, it creates a sense of unease as it simultaneously attracts and repulses the viewer.

GalleryX is a newcomer to the Dublin gallery scene. It was founded by two outsiders, Italian Giovanni Giusti and local Fiona Killeen, who have taken over the space formerly occupied by the venerable Peppercanister gallery in Herbert Street. GalleryX wants to revive the function that galleries had in the 1960s and 1970s in Europe and in the US, that of a catalyst for art that challenges established culture and ideas.

The work that GalleryX chooses to exhibit is often deceptively accessible in style. “To have a powerful effect on the viewer,” explain the owners and curators of the space, “art must not hide behind formal statements and obfuscations. Its message must be strong and direct. We have grown frustrated with art that is only a self-referential game of mirrors; art which has no content, no meaning and no purpose; art that is only about producing recognizable brands to be displayed in the lobbies of banks and government buildings. Instead, we want to show meaningful works; works that make the viewer feel something; works that you can’t stop looking at despite yourself.”

The show opening at the end of March was co-organised with the Macabre Gallery, an online information source and gallery based in Spain.

The Macabre Gallery was founded in October 2009 as a media support and later as an online gallery for various artists active in “dark art”. Their mission is to spread dark art as a new art movement: new feelings, new sensations, new emotions, new themes and new artists. Pure art without limits or taboos.

Dark artists transmit their thoughts combining mysterious and surrealist elements. Horrible acts and macabre scenes make us stop and think about ourselves. The artwork is visually stunning, where the black predominates over all colours. Dark art is an attempt to understand human nature and its impulses.
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3 Herbert Street Dublin 2

Opening times: Wednesday-Saturday 10-5; Sunday 12-5

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