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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Pist.on Reunites

After more than a decade of silence, gloomy melodic New York metallers PIST.ON have confirmed an end to their self imposed exile and are set to reunite. Having never officially split up, the band is ready to pick up from where they left off. Henry Font (Vocals / Guitar), Burton Gans (Guitar) and Jeff McManus (Drums) from the bands’ last album ‘$ell Out’, will be joined by new bass guitarist Jack Hanley (ex THE DEADLYZ).

Commenting on the reunion the band said: “It feels great being reunited after all this time.”

“When we got together for our first rehearsal, it was as if we’d never been apart; the chemistry was still there.”

“We kinda left everything hanging after our last tour but never split, just took a back seat and dealt with a lot of professional and personal issues that was thrown at us. We’ve all moved on but we kept in touch over the years .In our own minds we always had the desire to get back together, but it was never talked about until recently.”

“We’re excited at having the chance to do this again. We’re jumping back in and gonna see how it goes.”

Discussing their new material the band added: “It's been a great time experimenting with different ideas. Having the chance to use some of the newer technology on the PIST.ON sound is helping us work through the process. Things are moving in a positive way. It’s feeling like the best work we have done.”

Regarding his addition to the group, new bass guitarist Jack Hanley said: “I am very proud and excited to join a band I am very much a real fan of. These guys are amazing musicians and great guys. I feel right at home in PIST.ON and can’t wait for all the great music to come. It is a wonderful opportunity to work with them and I could not be happier.”

Work has already started on new material and plans are in place for a European tour in autumn 2015, which is due to be confirmed imminently.

Plagued by a number of professional and personal challenges, it took some time for PIST.ON to come to terms with the way that the band spectacularly imploded at the end of their last European tour in 2001 - an episode they have more or less kept to themselves. At the time, years of pent up frustration and inner turmoil finally boiled over as the catalyst which had held the band together eventually led to their undoing, resulting in bass player Val.ium leaving the band. In the intervening years the remaining members have pursued various musical interests, but feel the time has never been better than now to bring PIST.ON back into the limelight.

PIST.ON released two albums - ‘Number One’ through Mayhem / Atlantic Records in 1996 and ‘$ell Out’ through Mayhem / Music For Nations in 1999.

Following the release of the Josh Silver produced debut ’Number One’ and the first single ‘Grey Flap’ through Mayhem, PIST.ON had an instant reaction with fans, leading to strong album sales. The attention the band was gaining sparked major label interest from Atlantic Records, who subsequently secured a deal for the world-wide release of ‘Number One’. However the relationship with Atlantic was short lived. With sales approaching gold status, PIST.ON came under pressure from the label to make a number of changes which the band were unhappy with. As a result the band took the decision to leave Atlantic.

In an interview at the time Henry Font recalled "Atlantic records saw the chance to make a lot of money because we were an unknown band selling a lot of records with virtually no airplay. Problem was, they didn't know what to do with us".

PIST.ON returned to Mayhem for the release of the follow up album, ‘$ell Out’, which was a reaction to the troubling experiences they had encountered under the rule of Atlantic Records. Their frustration was clearly visible on tracks such as ‘Suddenly Sober’ and ‘Low’.

PIST.ON toured the US and Europe on numerous tours, with Marilyn Manson, Korn, Clutch, Fu Manchu, Type O Negative, Queensryche, The Misfits and many more. The tours solidified the bands presence, building a healthy following on both sides of the Atlantic.

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