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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Bass Wizard SeamlessR Releases "Wizard Bass" EP for Pre-Order - "Ruin" Single Now Available

Bass wizard SeamlessR (remember the "R" is silent) delivers a bass tour de force on his new EP 'Wizard Bass,' available January 22nd from FiXT.

Best known for his YouTube series "How To Bass" with over 90,000 subscribers, SeamlessR mastermind Stephen O'Leary doesn't disappoint in his latest offering and offers a preview of the EP on the single "Ruin," available now.

"Wizard Bass is a combination of old and new ideas. There are a few tracks on there that are styles I've wanted to do since I first started being a producer but never felt good enough to pull off until now. There are tracks that are older than even my first EP that I couldn't find a way to finish until now. There are also tracks that are comletely new. New sound design, new beats, It's definitely my best and most diverse work yet."

Wizard Bass is the third EP release from SeamlessR. As always, SeamlessR is much less concerned with genre conventions as he is with making a heavy hitting track, and it's never been more apparent. With bass and beats summoned through sheer force of will, the electric energy on display could only be conjured by a Level 80 wizard. If SeamlessR's beard had a soundtrack, this would be it.

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