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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Mutiny Abroad’s 'Vultures And Vices' Out Now

Long Island, NY - Independent Long Island hardcore outfit Mutiny Abroad has released their EP, entitled Vultures And Vices, to the masses. The album may be purchased from iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp. The band will be touring throughout 2016 in support of the EP.

“This EP was a long time coming for us. For me personally, it's something I never would have thought I could do as a vocalist. But to accomplish what we did as a family has been rewarding and makes us hopeful for what we will do next.” - Branden Gallagher (Vocalist)

1. The Devil Is Just A Lonely Guy Named Stan 2. Hides 3. Etiquette 4. Snack & Bite 5. S* Kicker 6. Fish Hook

About Mutiny Abroad:

Mutiny Abroad is a Long Island-bred brand of hardcore rock with a healthy dose of punk. The sound is a little bit like that feeling you get after digging yourself out of the same dirt hole you used to want to die in. The band itself — vocalist Branden Gallagher, guitarists Jared Cantor and Ej DiPasquale, bassist Sid Valiquette and drummer Phil Corso — is young since its birth in 2014. But the principles it was founded on span back many more years. Members of Mutiny Abroad are byproducts of previous products with names like Idle Vice, Rodeo Island, The Vigilance Committee, Mechanics of the Heart and more. But Mutiny is its own animal with its unique brand of in-your-face hardcore delivered through a high-energy and interactive live performance.

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