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Friday, 5 February 2016


At long last, DYNAZTY unveil their anticipated fifth album, “Titanic Mass”, set for international release on April 15th via Spinefarm Records.

Hailing from the lively hard rock scene of Stockholm, Sweden, Dynazty are a prime example of forward-thinking and evolutionary sound development. Having established their current formation in 2008, the band's early approach was strictly within the proud and successful tradition of Swedish hard rock as defined by Europe, Treat and the like, culminating with the nationwide Melodifestivalen hit “Land Of Broken Hearts” (from their 3rd full-length album, “Sultans Of Sin”, released in 2012).

However, it was with the Spinefarm-released album, “Renatus” (2013), that Dynazty truly came into their own. Opting for a sound altogether more modern, more defined, more addictive and more powerful, “Renatus” saw the band taking a leap towards a tighter style with an arsenal of rapid rhythm patterns and machine-gun riffs, underpinning ever-present soaring vocals plus huge, addictive choruses. Boasting massive arrangements, “Renatus” was an exceptional album.

Now, “Titanic Mass” sees the Swedes taking the next logical step, maintaining the overall tightness and bite of “Renatus” whilst also giving a courteous nod towards power metal, and finally adding an extra symphonic element – yes, the arrangements are TITANIC this time. The band has succeeded in making the songs more addictive than before, each one pushed to greater heights by the edgy, yet massive production of the overlord of all things metal, Peter Tägtgren (Sabaton, Pain, Dimmu Borgir, Lindemann, etc.).

Say the band: “‘Titanic Mass’ is the culmination of all of the knowledge we've learned and all of the experience we've gained over the years writing songs and making albums. Our efforts combined with the mastery of producer Peter Tägtgren has resulted in an album that we feel is really strong. To us, ‘Titanic Mass’ is without a doubt our ultimate effort.”

The cover and track-listing for “Titanic Mass” are as follows:


01. The Human Paradox 02. Untamer Of Your Soul 03. Roar Of The Underdog 04. Titanic Mass 05. Keys To Paradise 06. I Want To Live Forever 07. The Beast Inside 08. Break Into The Wild 09. Crack In The Shell 10. Free Man’s Anthem 11. The Smoking Gun

The release of “Titanic Mass” on April 15th (on CD & download) will be preceded by iTunes Grat Track, the hard-hitting “Roar Of The Underdog” on February 12th, when the pre-ordering of the album will commence.

The 1st single, “The Human Paradox”, accompanied by a video directed by Tage Rönnqvist (Swallow The Sun, Santa Cruz, etc.) will rock your socks off on March 18th.

Dynazty are:

Nils Molin – vocals Love Magnusson – guitar George Egg – drums Mike Lavér – guitar Jonathan Olsson – bass

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