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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

IMMINENCE release 'Can We Give It All' music video

Swedish post metalcore outfit IMMINENCE have released the official music video for their brand new song, 'Can We Give It All'.

The clip was directed by the band's multi talented singer, Eddie Berg, who has created all of IMMINENCE's romantic, at times yet disturbing and crushing music videos.

"With our new single, Can We Give It All, we are really turning the page for our band and music. It's both thrilling and terrifying to expose my voice and myself in my lyrics to a whole new extent. I hope that you will find a connection and comfort in the new song, and that it will mean as much to you as it means to me." - With love, Eddie from IMMINENCE.

Watch the video here:

The song is the second single after 'The Sickness' off their upcoming album to be released on Arising Empire!


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Eddie Berg- Gesang Harald Barrett - Gitarre Alex Arnoldsson - Gitarre Max Holmberg - Bass Peter Hanström - Drums

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