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Sunday, 1 May 2016


Former As Blood Runs Black guitarist collaborates with Alex Hofman (vocals, Fallujah) on "The Unattainable"

Earlier this year, Dan Sugarman (alum, As Blood Runs Black) independently released his progressive metal debut, Centersun.

Last month, Sugarman launched the next phase of his solo career: Inside Out, an entirely fan-funded release to be distributed one song at a time, exclusively through Patreon.

Every month, fans can donate to the project and receive specific perks. You can read all about Sugarman's Patreon campaign HERE. A portion of all proceeds go towards a charity of the Patrons' choice.

"After stepping away from As Blood Runs Black, and moving forward with my new album, Inside Out, I thought it was time to go back to my roots and pick up where I left off in my previous band, Fallen Figure. In Fallen Figure, I found my voice by utilizing all of the exotic scales and dynamics found in the different sub-genres of death metal. I was able to express my ideas without boundaries.

Choosing Alex Hofmann to do vocals for this was a simple choice, since Fallujah was one of the very first bands I toured with in Fallen Figure, and have always looked up to him as a vocalist, a person, and an artist (he did the song's artwork, as well as most of Fallujah's art)."

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