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Sunday, 31 January 2016

AntropomorphiA - "Necromantic Love Songs" Release: 12 February 2016 via Metal Blade Records

Musically fueled by bands that laid the foundation of various metal sub-genres (such as Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Possessed, Death, Autopsy and Venom) AntropomorphiA's inception lies in the fall of 1990 in Tilburg (Netherlands). The band was formed by four individuals that shared a close friendship and passion in honest metal music. The first years of sending out rehearsal tapes and performing shows in local bars culminated into 1992's Bowel Mutilation demo, which became a highly sought-after release in the underground scene. Soon after, a record deal was offered by Swiss label Blackened Recordings. In 1993, the cult classic Necromantic Love Songs MCD was put on the market.

In the years of turmoil that followed, the band released 1995's I Have My Way! demo, but got consumed by other musical projects in the flourishing Netherlands metal scene at the time. Consequently, AntropomorphiA went on hiatus in 1999 - but still wrote and recorded material over the years, until they re-grouped officially in 2009. The resulting effort was 2012's Evangelivm Nekromantia - their Metal Blade Records debut! Following the success of the album (and subsequent ban in Germany for their violence and occultism), Rites ov Perversion was released in 2014 to critical acclaim once again.

Now, the Dutch death metallers have decided to re-visit their past, with a re-issue of their first EP and demo, entitled Necromantic Love Songs."'Necromantic Love Songs' has been a sonic sepulchral withering that keeps echoing through the years, and although it has been 20+ years since we recorded it, till this day people keep asking when we are going to revisit this release," singer/guitarist Ferry Damen comments. "When Metal Blade gave us the opportunity to let these restless cadavers rise from their burial chamber - and although a lot of stuff got lost or damaged in those years - we checked our vaults and got out everything we could use to make it a worthy re-issue!"

Re-mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio for the most eerie listening experience possible, Necromantic Love Songs is strictly limited and numbered to 666 LPs (333 LPs in 2 versions) and 1000 CDs. For fans that never had the chance to collect the original Bowel Mutilation demo or Necromantic Love Songs MCD, this is a must-have re-issue by one of the Netherlands' finest!

Necromantic Love Songs track-listing
Necromantic Love Songs EP

1. Crack the Casket 2. The Carnal Pit 3. Birth Through Dead 4. Chunks of Meat 5. Rotted Flesh 6. Outro/A Necromantic Love Song Bowel Mutilation demo 7. Intro 8. Bowel Mutilation 9. Splattered Remains 10. Rotted Flesh 11. The Carnal Pit

AntropomorphiA line-up:

Ferry Damen - vocals, guitar Jos van den Brand - guitar Marc van Stiphout - bass Marco Stubbe - drums

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