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Sunday, 31 January 2016

SANGUINE mark the release of second album ‘Black Sheep’ with spectacular sci-fi video for new track ‘Save Me’

‘Black Sheep’, the second album from ferocious female-fronted metal mob Sanguine, gets a Europe-wide release today through Odyssey Music. To mark its arrival, the Exeter alt. metallers have dropped another new video for ‘Save Me’; the third song to be taken from ‘Black Sheep’. The clip, which premiered exclusively at on Wednesday, is easily their most ambitious video to date, and was created in collaboration with fast-rising young Australian director Tyson Wade Johnston, who has recently joined Warner Studios in Hollywood.

Johnston became the subject of a massive movie industry buzz after releasing his independent sci-fi short ‘Lunar’ online, leading Creative Artists Agency to sign him up just a week later. Set in a strict, robot-patrolled Los Angeles in 2057, ‘Lunar’ centres on a man who is arrested after trying to steal bread for his family, and is sent to a penal colony on the moon. Sanguine bonded with Johnston when they played in L.A, and fruit of their alliance is the ‘Save Me’ video, which repurposes scenes from ‘Lunar’, and splices them together with the band’s own footage, presenting a new spin on the director’s storyline and Sanguine’s song.

Watch it now here:

Guitarist Nick Magee says “we saw Tyson’s work and were blown away. We sent him an email to see if he would consider letting us collaborate using his footage - he liked what we were doing so let us. It's freaking awesome that he let us do that - artist to artist I think I respect that more than anything.

In a total spooky co-incidence our manager phoned that week and said we had been offered a show in Los Angeles. The weirdest thing is, before that week, Sanguine had nothing to do with Los Angeles at all. Suddenly we were playing a show there and collaborating with Hollywood Directors! We met Tyson in a seedy titty bar, because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Ron Jeremy happened to be there, so our first face-to-face meeting, we were sat a couple meters from Ron, watching naked girls pick things up with their breasts and talking about the new music video. That was the first day we landed in L.A!”.

‘Black Sheep’ is out now, and available as a CD and download from all the usual outlets. Recorded at In Flames’ Gothenburg studios, and featuring some cameos and co-writes from IF guitarist Jesper Stromblad, it’s a record that’s both highly distinctive and dizzyingly eclectic. With frontwoman Tarin’s instantly recognisable banshee-howl-to-angelic-harmony vocal range drawing it all together, the album dips into a dazzling array of influences to be by turns both brutal and beautiful. Nick comments, “this album has been a real journey. It started back in 2012 when we started cutting demo's in Gothenburg. Since then the album has taken us to Berlin, Los Angeles, Ibiza, Las Vegas and Stockholm. We can't believe how well it's gone in a lot of ways - the music industry is tough at the moment so we are lucky to have been given the opportunity to do so many different things. This album has something for everyone I think. Each song has a different energy”.

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